<i>Red Light Properties</i> launches on Tor. com

As he mentioned in his response to our survey this past weekend, Dan Goldman has anew webcomic launching at Tor.com today. Red Light Properties is now live on their site, and is a "tropical-horror series" about a real estate firm in Miami Beach that cleans and sells "previously-haunted homes" to people who've lost their houses to foreclosure.

"All my projects since 2001 have been steps toward getting *this* series done right, and I'm thrilled to announce that my baby is finally born, weighing 16 color pages with another 8 coming to you every Tuesday for the next six months, free of charge," Goldman said over email. "There will be no 'continued in the print version' at the end, either; we're giving the entire novel away on Tor.com."

Goldman is also experimenting with the presentation of the story. "I've changed up webcomics a bit in the way the pages are presented, and I've upgraded my process to using Maya to create/light virtual environments for my characters to inhabit, so there's a lot of sexy-new here for you to enjoy," he said.

After the jump you can find a couple of promotional pieces for the story, including a flyer for "Red Light Properties."


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