Red Hulk: 10 Things He Can Do That Regular Hulk Can't

General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross has always been a nuisance to Bruce Banner. Hounding him at every turn, this military man always had it in for the Hulk. However, it wasn't until recent years that General Ross became a physical threat to the jolly green giant.

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Ross teamed up with two shady organizations, AIM and the Intelligencia, so that he could pose a more physical threat to the Hulk. The experiments were wildly successful, turning Thaddeus into the Red Hulk. While at first glance he may just seem like a carbon copy of Hulk, Red Hulk has many differences as well, making him both interesting and uniquely formidable.

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10 Change At Will

One problem for Banner has always been changing into the Hulk. For the most part, a change in form always requires an increased heart rate. This often leads to Banner changing at the worst times. Other times, he can't change when he really needs to.

Red Hulk does not have this problem. General Ross has the ability to shift between his two forms at will. This offers him the advantage of changing back and forth when the need arises.

9 Retain Intelligence

While Banner is a renowned scientist, the Hulk is simply a bumbling oaf. Although at times Banner has been able to preserve his intelligence in his "Professor Hulk" form, more common iterations of the character give him a child-like intellect. This leads to many disadvantages against more tactical opponents.

General Ross keeps his intelligence and memories as he switches forms. This, combined with his ability to change at will, makes his abilities less of a curse and more of an incredible tool.

8 Command A Military Force

For decades over the course of his adult life, Thunderbolt Ross has maintained a stellar military career. Working his way all the way up to the rank of general, Ross is a skilled commander. Not only is he an expert military strategist, but Ross is also a great leader.

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Over the many years that he has come after the Hulk, Ross has been in command of many lethal units and deadly task forces. One of the most notable of which was known as the Hulkbusters.

7 Temperature Increase

A classic staple of the Hulk is his anger. The madder he gets, the stronger he gets. Different storylines in the comics have shown that the upper limits of his power are near limitless. He can continue to get angrier, exponentially increasing his strength.

Ross' Red Hulk gets hotter as he gets angrier. Unlike the traditional Hulk, if Red Hulk's rage reaches high enough levels, it causes him to pass out. This is due to the fact that General Ross' physiology is not able to cope with such intense heat. At these upper limits, he generates enough heat to turn sand into glass.

6 Remain In Hulk Form While Unconscious

Although it is near impossible to dispatch the Hulk, if you knock him out, he does revert back into Bruce Banner. This makes it much easier to contain and restrain him before he wakes back up.

With Red Hulk, this is not so easy. In the few occasions that other characters in the Marvel universe have been able to knock him out, Ross remains in his super-powered form. This lends a huge advantage to the character since his Red Hulk form is near impervious to damage. If captured, once he awakes there are few restraints he could not easily break out of.

5 Radiation Absorption

The Hulk was created when a large bomb full of gamma radiation went off near Bruce Banner. Massive amounts of the gamma rays went into Bruce and stayed there, creating the Hulk. When transformed, Hulk constantly gives off low levels of gamma radiation.

This is the exact opposite of the Red Hulk. Instead of giving off radiation, he absorbs it, along with various other types of energy. The more he absorbs the stronger he gets. The only energy so far that has had a negative effect was Negative Zone energy. This can cause him great pain and drain his power.

4 Explode

As Red Hulk continues to absorb large amounts of energy, his body begins to heat up. Crackling with energy, his body slowly comes to a boiling point. Once he passes his threshold, a large explosion emanates from within Ross.

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A good comparison to the power of this explosion is if a nuclear reactor went off. Any normal person caught within the blast range would be instantly annihilated. It's a good trick to have if he ever gets backed into a corner.

3 Drain The Odinforce

After ambushing Thor, Red Hulk quickly dispatched the God. This was one of his greatest feats, given the fact that Thor is such a powerful character. It was actually even more impressive than that. Thor was currently in his "King Thor" form, having absorbed the Odinforce from Odin himself.

It turned out that Red Hulk had been slowly absorbing the Odinforce from Thor throughout their fight. This made Red Hulk stronger while simultaneously making King Thor weaker.

2 Steal The Power Cosmic

During another one of Red Hulk's adventures, he came into contact with the Silver Surfer. The source of the Surfer's incredible powers is the Power Cosmic, imbued in him by Galactus himself. Near the beginning of their fight, Red Hulk siphoned all of the Power Cosmic away from Silver Surfer, nearly killing him.

Ross used this immense power to go on a killing spree, murdering powerful characters such as Namor, Tiger Shark, Dr. Strange, Baron Mordo, and the Grandmaster. Unfortunately for Ross, when Galactus learned of his actions, the alien God removed his power and undid all the harm he had caused, bringing those characters back to life.

1 K/O A Watcher

On another occasion, Uatu the Watcher showed up to offer Ross some advice. A cosmic entity burdened with the task of watching all of humanity, Uatu rarely makes his presence known. When he does, however, it is to prevent a terrible tragedy. When he showed up in front of Red Hulk, Ross instantly punched him in the face, knocking Uatu out.

This was no small feat. An immortal cosmic race, the Watchers contain immense power. On some occasions, their power levels have even appeared to be on par with that of Galactus, one of the strongest beings in the universe. Such a powerful being dispatched with a single punch. It's unlikely that Hulk would be able to replicate this accomplishment.

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