Red Hood & Nightwing: Prinze Jr. & Brody Suit Up for Another Parody

Red Hood Freddie Prinze jr

What do superheroes do to pass the time during a stakeout? Well, a new video may just provide the answer.

The video sees Red Hood and Nightwing, played by Jon Lee Brody (Savage Dog) and Freddie Prinze Jr. (Star Wars Rebels, Scooby Doo) respectively, waiting not-so-patiently in a car during a stakeout.

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Red Hood proposes they play Rochambeau to pass the time and Nightwing agrees, but he asserts the real name of the game is Rock, Paper, Scissors. The two proceed to play the game, with Nightwing winning repeatedly and Red Hood becoming increasingly frustrated.

They then go on to play the game Odd or Even, with Nightwing guessing whether the number of fingers Red Hood is holding up and keeping hidden is odd or even. Again, Nightwing repeatedly wins.

This is not the first Red Hood/Nightwing video created by GEGGHEAD. Brody and Prinze Jr. previously starred in a video in which the two characters are again on a stakeout and argue about whether to call the Gotham City Police Department.

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The channel, created by Prinze Jr., features comedy videos based on gaming, comic books and more. The channel has released videos about Deadpool, Venom, Hawkman and Catwoman, featuring Brody and other guest actors.

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