Red Hood Fan Film Brings IT's Pennywise to Gotham City

Red Hood: It, an independent fan film, follows Jason Todd's Red Hood as he hunts down Stephen King's demonic clown Pennywise. The 16-minute short -- written, directed and shot by Hisonni Johnson and Alberto Triana -- was released by Robot Underdog and focuses on Todd as he's put on a path with a clown that's very different from the Joker he so desperately wants dead.

The film shows Todd cleaning up Gotham's streets by torturing criminals, only for some of them to admit they've involved kids in their illegal activities. An angry Todd, believing the Joker is linked to this, then tracks missing children, with the path of red balloons leading to none other than Pennywise.

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Todd ends up in a supernatural battle against the demon. Though he doesn't win the battle, he ends up saving a missing kid, but still clearly wants to make sure he kills Pennywise and finish the mission. In the end, he's confronted by Nightwing, who has apparently been tailing him, which leaves Jason enraged at the lack of respect and trust. Things escalate as the film ends with Todd training his gun on his fellow vigilante.

Both characters have been in the spotlight recently. A sequel for Pennywise's adventures is in the works after last year's hit remake of It, while Jason has been in the headlines after director Zack Snyder stirred up some debate that he may not have been the dead Robin in Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice after all.

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