DC's Red Hood Looms Large on Fabok's Event Leviathan #2 Variant

Batman: Three Jokers artist Jason Fabok has shared his variant cover for Event Leviathan #2.

Posted on Twitter, the cover, on which Fabok worked with artist Brad Anderson, shows Jason Todd/Red Hood looming large over Batman. Both a colored and uncolored version of the cover are shown in the post.

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First appearing in 1983's Batman #357, Jason Todd was created by Gerry Conway and Don Newton. He later became the second Robin, replacing Dick Grayson in the role. However, Todd infamously met with a brutal fate at the hands of Joker, getting crowbarred to death during 1988's "A Death in the Family" arc. The character remained dead for many years before returning as Red Hood in 2004's Batman: Under the Red Hood. Since then, he's been somewhat of anti-hero.

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Event Leviathan sees the titular criminal organization enacting its masterplan, though exactly what it's trying to accomplish is unknown at this time. So far, Leviathan has levelled the world's various intelligence agencies, doing major damage to the DC Universe's heroes in the process.

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Event Leviathan #2 is written by Brian Michael Bendis and illustrated by Alex Maleev. It is scheduled to go on sale July 10 from DC Comics.

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