Red Goblin's First Full Appearance Confirmed for Amazing Spider-Man #798

This April, you might want to call your local comic shop ahead of your visit to secure a particular comic issue. On Monday, a comic shop owner confirmed on Twitter that Amazing Spider-Man #798 will see the long-awaited debut of the new Spider-Man villain, the Red Goblin.

"Marvel confirmed to us that Amazing Spider-Man #798 is the first full appearance of Red Goblin," the shop owner tweeted, urging his clientele to get their orders in. The debut of the villain has been teased for the past few chapters of writer Dan Slott's Amazing Spider-Man, making each of these specific issues sell out and go back to the printers for additional printings.


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The Red Goblin is touted as the unification of two of Spider-Man's biggest foes: Norman Osborne and the Carnage Symbiote. His arrival has been much-publicized, thanks to the shocking villain combination that he represents -- something which has longtime Spider-Man fans excited. Now that his first full appearance is confirmed, it's a safe bet that Amazing Spider-Man #798 will fly off the shelves.

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Amazing Spider-Man #798, by writer Dan Slott, artist Stuart Immonen and with a cover by Alex Ross, hits comic store shelves April 4.

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