Red Goblin: Amazon Listing May Spoil Spider-Man Foe's Identity

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WARNING: The following article may contain major spoilers for Amazing Spider-Man's next storyline, Go Down Swinging."

Who is the Red Goblin?

The question, every Amazing Spider-Man fan has been asking, may have finally been answered. On Amazon's UK website, an early listing for Volume 9 of writer Dan Slott's "Worldwide" storyline appears to reveal the identity of Spider-Man's mysterious foe. According to the product description, the Red Goblin is none other than Norman Osborn, armed with the Carnage Symbiote.

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Ever since Marvel first teased the arrival of the Red Goblin, fans have been theorizing about the character's identity and his significance to Slott's overarching story. The most prominent theory posited that Norman Osborn will make some sort of deal with Mephisto himself, and that this could potentially lead to Marvel somehow undoing the controversial events of "One More Day."

Despite Marvel and Spider-Man scribe Dan Slott trying to keep all things Red Goblin a secret, it seems Amazon may have unknowingly revealed the answer. Note, however, that the information is not featured on the online retailer's US website.

The full UK product description reads as follows:

"Go down Swinging! Norman Osborn has finally found a way to become a Goblin again and is gunning for Spider-Man in the biggest way possible. His new weapon? The Carnage Symbiote! There's never been a bigger tougher Goblin/Spider-Man story than this! Collecting: Amazing Spider-Man 797-801."

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“Go Down Swinging,” by Dan Slott and Stuart Immonen, with cover art by Alex Ross, kicks off in March 2018’s Amazing Spider-Man #797.

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