Ed McGuinness' Amazing Spider-Man Variant Offers New Look at Red Goblin

WARNING: The following article may contain major spoilers for The Amazing Spider-Man’s next storyline, "Go Down Swinging.”

Before writer Dan Slott says goodbye to Spider-Man in June, he's pitting the wall-crawler against a new foe in the Red Goblin. Now a variant cover for The Amazing Spider-Man #799, illustrated by Ed McGuinness, offers a closer look at the villain.

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Keeping with the goblin theme, the new Red Goblin is depicted riding a glider, but instead of fire coming out of its exhaust, the entire body is engulfed in flames. That's not all: The Red Goblin's body is covered in a red-and-black substance, complete with a pointy tail. That gives the impression the Red Goblin is indeed a devil brought to life, but upon further inspection, he evokes parallels to another Spider-Man nemesis, Carnage.

A recent Amazon UK listing for The Amazing Spider-Man's Vol. 9 “Worldwide” storyline appears to reveal the identity of Spider-Man’s mysterious foe as Norman Osborn with the Carnage symbiote.

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Since Marvel first teased the arrival of the Red Goblin, fans have theorized about the character’s identity and his significance to Slott’s overarching story. The most prominent theory is that Norman Osborn will make some sort of deal with Mephisto himself, and that this could potentially lead to Marvel somehow undoing the controversial events of “One More Day.”

“Go Down Swinging,” by Dan Slott and Stuart Immonen, with cover art by Alex Ross, kicks off in March 2018’s The Amazing Spider-Man #797.

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