Red Eye Press Fires Both Barrels at San Diego Comic-Con: Two New 'Valentine' Debuts

Official Press Release

July 7, 2003 - SACRAMENTO, CA. Red Eye Press is proud to announce the release of not just one but two new offerings in conjunction with their San Diego Comic-Con International 2003 appearance on July 17th. The bi-coastal, small press publisher has collected the entirety of its flagship title Valentine's initial story arc - along with all-new extras - in their first trade paperback, Valentine: Fully Loaded. The show will also feature the premiere of Valentine #9, the stand-alone, latest installment of the hit action series.

California artist Dan Cooney began the exploits of assassin-for-hire Dana Valentine back in 1997 as his final project under Walt Simonson (Thor) at the School of Visual Arts. Dana soon took on a life of her own with Cooney self-publishing subsequent chapters of the fugitive hitwoman's adventures. Valentine: Fully Loaded collects the first six installments of her saga - much of which is now sold out in serial form - reedited and matched with new, bonus material, including work by Bill and Linda Reinhold (Daredevil, Earth X) and Peter Palmiotti (Aquaman).

Similarly, Cooney has collaborators along for Dana's latest outing, Valentine #9, both a stand-alone prelude to her upcoming origin and aftermath to the hit "Red Rain" two-part story. Letterer Ed Dukeshire (SKUMM, Digital Webbing Presents) and scriptwriter A. David Lewis (Mortal Coils) join Cooney on both projects, this time delivering a new race-against-the-clock for Dana, debuting at Comic-Con International, and being offered through Diamond Comics Distributors as Item Code MAY03 2392.

"I'm very satisfied at the results of the trade paperback; David, Ed, and I devoted a lot of time in polishing the script, the style, and an all-new lettered look to the book," says Cooney. "It feels appropriate to debut the trade paperback at Comic-Con, because the first issue of Valentine debuted there as well. It's an exciting time for the title! The talent on the book - from Lewis, Palmiotti, Reinhold, Dukeshire, etc. - all provides wonderful support. I think readers will be pleased at what I have in store for Dana Valentine."

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