Red Eagle & Alias Enterprises Join Forces To Produce Graphic Novels

Official Press Release

Malibu, CA & San Diego, CA --- Red Eagle Entertainment, LLC and Alias Enterprises, LLC announced today that they have entered into a far-reaching business relationship to develop, produce and publish new comic books and graphic novels for global markets based on Red Eagle-managed properties and brands. In addition, Red Eagle will have a "first-look" right to develop motion pictures, television programming, video games, and other ancillary products that are based upon Alias comics, graphic novels and original story concepts. Red Eagle further announced that Mike Miller, the Executive Director of Alias Enterprises and original artist on Red Eagle's NEW SPRING comic publication, will bring his artistic skills and art direction to future Red Eagle projects, including unannounced projects based upon other works in Robert Jordan's epic series THE WHEEL OF TIME.

"We are impressed by the professionalism of Alias Enterprises and the inspired workmanship of its products. They have a solid track record in delivering high-quality comics and graphic novels," said Rick Selvage, Chief Executive Officer of Red Eagle Entertainment. "Alias is a perfect fit to Red Eagle, as they bring complementary skills and recognize the importance of building universal brands that appeal beyond traditional comic buyers to new readers around the world."

"We're really excited about working with the Red Eagle team on what looks to be a long-term relationship," said Brett Burner, President of Alias Enterprises. "There are strong benefits to Alias in giving first-look rights to such a well-connected entertainment company. In addition, our relationship with Red Eagle provides an opportunity for members of our creative team, such as Mike Miller and colorist Etienne St. Laurent, to renew their working relationship with Red Eagle."

Miller and St. Laurent were the original creative team working on Red Eagle's NEW SPRING comic publication, a series based on Robert Jordan's prequel to his epic saga, THE WHEEL OF TIME. Red Eagle Entertainment is also developing a live-action feature film based upon THE EYE OF THE WORLD, the first full-length novel in THE WHEEL OF TIME series.

Further information regarding Red Eagle's entertainment projects are available at www.red-eagle-entertainment.com and at major websites maintained by fans of Robert Jordan and THE WHEEL OF TIME series. News and current information about Robert Jordan's THE WHEEL OF TIME series may be obtained at Tor Books at www.tor.com/jordan/media.html

Further information about Alias comics and graphic novels can be found at www.aliasenterprises.com


Red Eagle Entertainment builds global value in franchise entertainment properties through a comprehensive program of licensing and brand management. Based in Los Angeles, Red Eagle scours the creative landscape for compelling literary works, original story concepts and under-leveraged brands and entertainment properties and acquires projects for development into motion pictures, television, electronic games, consumer products and more.


Based in San Diego, California, Alias is a publishing company dedicated to bringing the world of comics to the world beyond the comic aquarium. Alias's goal is to publish excellent comics of every genre and has teamed with various studios, smaller publishers, and individual creators to develop a diverse line of books designed to meet every taste. Alias sees the recent collapse and stagnation in the U.S. comic market as an opportunity to reach outside the mainstream comic audience and garner a new generation of comic readers.

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