<i>Red Dawn</i> Remake May Finally Hit Theaters Sometime Next Year

The long-delayed remake of the 1984 invasion film Red Dawn -- it was first targeted for November 2010 release -- will at last open sometime next year, thanks to a new deal between FilmDistrict and MGM.

All together now: "Wolverines!" Don't over-do it, though; while 24 Frames reports an agreement is being hashed out, there's no word on an actual release date.

Starring Chris Hemsworth, Josh Peck, Adrianne Palicki and Josh Hutcherson, the film updates the Cold War classic, replacing the Soviet and Cuban invaders with the North Koreans. Well, first producers replaced the Soviets with the Chinese, but once they realized offending the government of China might hurt the film's international distribution, the villains were changed -- through the magic of digital technology -- to the North Koreans.

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