Recommended Reading -- Manga Recon Roundtable

The Manga Recon team -- who always write engaging, smart and even sassy reviews -- talk about how they "grade" manga for their reviews here.  One of the things I struggle with here is how to write reviews that will be useful for the reader -- for instance, here I tend to review manga that would probably fall into the "B" range, because then I can offer both negative and positive remarks on those titles.  I also almost ALWAYS only devote full length reviews to the first volume of a title -- mainly because I feel these are the most useful in helping folks decide whether or not they want to pick up a new title. 

However, there are certain titles that I simply want to "fangirl" and I almost never review those, and instead try to discuss them in other venues, like my "Top 5 Shojo Manga Published in English," or the "Manga for Adults" lists I did when I first joined the blog.  (In other words, I save my slavish devotion for times when it is clear I'm not wearing my critic's hat.)  Likewise, I tend to avoid reviewing manga that I find boring (as opposed to simply "bad") because I know a lot of time the manga itself may not be top notch, but my dislike of it probably has more to do with personal taste than perhaps critical judgment.   Of course some manga is just flat out bad and then who wants to write a cranky review about bad manga?  I usually don't (although the folks at ANN bravely cover it all -- the good, the bad, the mediocre).  

I also toy with the idea of simply doing adding a reading diary or report -- I read quite a bit of manga that never gets discussed here because it is overwhelming to find something "reviewer-like" to say about all of it.  Sometimes I just want to say I read it and you know.  Cool shit happened.   

What do you like to see in reviews and do you want graded reviews?

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