Rebirth Superboy Concept Art Channels a Pre-Crisis Boy of Steel


If there's one thing that can be agreed on, it's that Superboy Jon Kent has a simple, yet effective visual look. Lois and Clark's young son's uniform consists of a Superman jacket with torn jeans and a cape, but it highlights his youth and appropriately looks pretty inconspicuous in a world where superheroes are something like celebrities.

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But it wasn't like that for little Jon at first, as Super Sons artist Jorge Jimenez's concept art shows us. In fact, two of the designs the artist recently shared via Twitter harken back more to the pre-Crisis Superboy's look, if only by giving him his red trunks on the outside of his outfit.


Meanwhile, the character's iconic 'S' shield is more curved, extending all the way to the shoulders and calling back to one of the uniforms Supergirl wore, way before Jon's time. Despite the different sketches for Jon, one thing remained constant during development, and that's that the costume needed to make him look like the 10 (now 11!) year old boy he actually is. Jeans were ultimately the best way to go, and it turns out to be a great look for Jon. Maybe he can give Boyzarro some fashion tips when they meet in a few weeks.

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