Hawkman Dark Nights: Metal Tie-In Coming From Lemire, Hitch & Nowlan


While in recent years, many publishers have announced projects ahead of Comic-Con International then talked about them more at the event itself, this year DC Comics has gone old school -- in short DC has decided the convention is the place to be to reveal all of its big news. Today, at the publisher's Dark Matter panel, among many other interesting items of note it was announced that Jeff Lemire would be returning to DC alongside artists Bryan Hitch and Kevin Nowlan for Hawkman Found #1, a one-shot taking part during Dark Nights: Metal that re-positions one of DC's oldest, most iconic and most confusing characters ahead of a possible new ongoing in the new year.

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The most recent incarnation of Hawkman, introduced in The New 5, was taken off the board in the recent Death of Hawkman miniseries, seemingly to set the stage for the return of the classic incarnation with the Dark Days one-shots and Dark Nights: Metal which looks to heavily feature Nth Metal as a plot component. While Hawkman: Found is just a one-shot, Lemire did hint at the panel that it could be leading into an ongoing title following the conclusion of Metal, which would possibly fall under the "Dark Matter" banner.

It's no surprise that Jeff Lemire is working closely with Scott Snyder on tie-ins to Dark Nights: Metal as the two have one of the closest working collaborations in modern comics. They frequently crossed over their respective Animal Man and Swamp Thing runs in the early days of The New 52 and recently worked together on Image Comics' A.D. After Death. Lemire also has experience with Hawkman, having written him during his run on Justice League United several years ago.

Hawkman: Found #1 is due out from DC Comics in December.

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