Rebel Blood #3

"Rebel Blood" #3 is an incredibly fast read with nonstop blazing horror action. After waking up from a car crash, protagonist Chuck Neville finds himself trapped while the zombie apocalypse grows around him.

Authors Alex Link and Riley Rossmo have crafted a fast-paced narrative, setting up one intense action sequence after another. They keep moving the story forward by using very little dialogue. Chuck is always confronted by death, with no place to run and hide. In the opening sequence, Chuck grabs his shotgun and blasts away an infected woman's face at point-blank range. With no help whatsoever from the outside world, he is always torn between either choosing to stay a coward or actually becoming a hero.

This is an interesting character drama about a man mentally falling apart. Since the first issue, Chuck has been constantly under pressure from his past, his wife and his job. Now, he has this extraordinary situation thrown at him and he doesn't know what to do. Readers are following an innocent man slowly becoming so burnt-out as he loses his mind. Every time he kills an infected victim, Chuck loses his humanity; even a part of his soul.

This isn't your typical zombie book. Humans aren't the ones you should worry about; it's the animals. The zombified animals are the ones Chuck is running away from. In general, animals are consistently fast, agile and can sneak into tiny spaces. In "Rebel Blood," the infected rabbits are usually roaming in packs, almost as if they are being controlled by a single host.

Rossmo's unflinching and disturbing artwork will definitely get a reaction out of readers. Usually, the zombies stalk their prey and then they go straight for the kill. Rossmo is clearly not interested in that type of storytelling. Rossmo wants the reader to see the gruesome aftermath of the zombie attack. In full detail, Rossmo's panels capture a dying man split in half, with his bloody intestines dropping onto the snow.

Because of Rossmo's fear inducing artwork and Link's snappy dialogue, "Rebel Blood" #3 continues to be a genuinely great read. Nothing can stop the incurable infection from turning animals and people into crazy killers. Chuck is the last man standing and he is on everyone's menu. With the conclusion just one issue away, will Chuck find salvation from the ever-growing plague?

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