Lil' Wayne: 15 Reasons Why Damian Wayne Is The Best Robin

Batman has had no shortage of sidekicks over the years. Ever since he adopted the orphaned Dick Grayson as the first Robin, there have been several young people to take over the mantle. However, it's the youngest Robin, Damian Wayne, who deserves the highest spot when comparing all of them. Damian first appeared all grown-up in the "Batman and Son" story  as the illegitimate child of Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul. Needless to say, there were a lot of complications at first as this young man dealt with the vision that his mother had for him from the start as well as the newfound love of his own father.


After some terrifying and difficult moments, Damian eventually learned his place and decided to become the next Robin. All the while, he is finding his own place in the world and learning what he can do to help his fellow heroes defeat the villains. He has a lot of skill, but he still has much more to learn. This is the setting to a great character, and it's the setting to the best Robin in DC history. Here are 15 reasons why Damian Wayne is the greatest sidekick to Batman.


This is the most obvious reason. While all of the Robins looked up to Batman as a father figure, Damian is his biological child. Because of this, the young fighter inherited a lot of traits from Bruce Wayne, which allows the Dark Knight to see pieces of himself in Damian.

Due to his bloodline, Damian is naturally gifted at many things, including fighting and problem-solving. He can do insane detective work as well as drive the Batmobile. While much of this is due to the training and care he received, he already had a predisposition towards it because it was quite literally in his genes. What makes this facet of himself even more compelling is that he is also the grandchild of Ra's al Ghul.


When Damian Wayne was born, he was molded by Talia to become a ruthless killer. Because of this, he spent many of his early years being trained by Talia, Ra's, and the League of Assassins. By the time he went to Batman, he already had an excellent knowledge of how to fight and properly use weapons to detain and kill his foes.

Then, once he became a vigilante for Gotham City, Batman decided to further Damian's training himself. He taught him advanced techniques as well as the best ways to take a criminal down but not end their lives. Being trained by two masters may serve difficult in terms of the moral high ground, but it made Damian a much better fighter in the long run.


Batman's other sidekicks have all grown up and are now doing their own things. Dick Grayson became Nightwing, the vigilante protector of Bludhaven. Jason Todd became Red Hood, a rough anti-hero, and Tim Drake became Red Robin, who primarily holds the standards of the Caped Crusader. Damian Wayne is still a young kid, but that's part of what makes him the best Robin to ever put on the suit.

Damian has a lot of growing to do, but with that considered, he's still an excellent fighter. He's beaten some strong foes since his creation, and he's not even a proper adult yet. Imagine how much more effective he'll be as a vigilante and a character once he fully decides what he wants out of life and what to do with himself.


In the past, Batman has taken young boys who are lost under his wing. Damian Wayne, on the other hand, is his life. With the other Robins, the Dark Knight could've just shipped them off to an orphanage where they would've happily grown up. With Damian Wayne, it's his responsibility to train him and keep him under his wing. If he leaves Damian alone, it's possible that the young boy could become a killer or be targeted.

Having Batman's son become Robin brings a lot of heavy ground for Bruce Wayne. Not only is he fighting to save his son's soul, he has to protect him in the field. Everything Batman does is for his son -- it's to protect him and take care of him. As he's serving as a mentor, he also has to serve as a father. It creates a whole new dynamic for the Dynamic Duo.


Where many of the other Robins left to forge their own legacies, Batman is Damian's legacy. Because he's the son of Bruce Wayne, he will naturally want to protect Gotham after his father is gone (assuming that Bruce's teachings actually get through to him) and in Damian: Son of Batman, we finally got to see how the young Robin would respond if Bruce were to ever die.

After the Dark Knight was killed by the Joker, Damian decided to take up the mantle, but felt that he needed to be more decisive when fighting crime. Willing to kill those who terrorized the city, Damian dealt with a lot of bad guys with extreme prejudice -- he didn't want anyone to have to go through what he had experienced.


While Batman may be an excellent fighter, his skills go beyond just combat. He's also one of the most brilliant minds in the DC Universe, and that trait was inherited by Damian. The young boy has a lot of natural brain power that enables him to do fine detective work, use just about any piece of equipment, and fight better than his foes.

While this excessive intelligence has led to some pride issues, there's still something to be said for how smart Damian is. He's been shown to pilot the Batmobile on several occasions as well as try to lead the Teen Titans in Teen Titans Vol 3 #88-89. He's used trackers on people to follow their every move, and has even done research on people and places that couldn't be done by a normal kid his age.


Any storyteller worth their salt knows that creating a perfect character doesn't lend to interesting arcs. Instead, it's better to have flawed characters who can make life-changing decisions that will change how they lead the rest of their lives. That's the story of Damian Wayne.

Because he spent so much time being brainwashed by his mother's ideas, he came to Gotham City with a severe respect problem and a chip on his shoulder. However, as he spent more time with his father, he bettered himself and became a true hero. He subverted the life that the League wanted him to live and chose his own path. In every sense of the word, he was redeemed from being a killer, and that's what makes him such a compelling character.


While Damian is the child of Talia al Ghul, he wasn't technically birthed by her. After he was conceived, Damian was placed in an artificial womb in a laboratory. The reason behind this is that Talia wanted to create the perfect child who would then become the perfect killing machine, and that's just not something that a mortal woman can do with conventional methods.

After being birthed, it was clear that Damian's natural skill was, in part, due to his gestation period in a laboratory. He was genetically altered, which has given him the power of being a better fighter and smarter person. However, he's still human enough that these powers could be honed with proper training, and those two factors alone make him an excellent Robin.


Comedy is a big aspect of any good story. While not every tale necessarily requires it, it does add something that gives depth and relatability to the characters. In Batman stories, it's typically other people playing off of the Dark Knight who bring the laughs to the table. However, with a brooding character like Damian Wayne, you would think that would be off said table.

Thankfully, Damian not only brings the laughs, he never does so in a grating or uninspired way. He doesn't fill the pages with meaningless quips. Instead, it's his natural personality that leads to funny moments. A young person with such a dutiful attitude is chuckle-worthy in hindsight, and the writers recognize that. Sometimes, being funny doesn't mean that you have to joke.


Damian was raised with a license to kill. When he first joined the Bat-Family, that philosophy bled over into how he dealt with criminals. Now that he's turned a new leaf and fighting for just causes, Damian has instead looked at how many heroes operate and found his own way of handling situations.

Damian is willing to do anything for the greater good. In the aforementioned Damian: Son of Batman series, he inherently sells his soul so that he can become a better guardian for Gotham. Because he's killed before, it doesn't weigh on his conscience as much, so he is willing to take a life when it means that others will live in the end. In regards to his drive to save the world, he is very much like his father.


One would think that an arrogant and prideful hero is one that thinks they could take on the world and never break a sweat. While Damian is many of those things, he is still a smart person and knows when he's getting into a fight that he can't win -- there are many times where Damian has bowed out of a situation simply because he knows that he's about to take a loss.

He left the Teen Titans because Tim Drake was a better fit for the team, and openly admitted that he couldn't beat Dick Grayson because the first Robin had more skill at the time. Damian analyzes each and every situation and recognizes how far his abilities can take him, which has arguably saved his life on a few occasions.


To put this in simple terms: Damian Wayne is a more skilled fighter than any other Robin before him. Granted, this statement is relative to how each of the others fought at Damian's age. While Dick could probably beat Damian in a fight with their age gap right now, it's only a matter of time before Damian surpasses him in ability.

Due to his training with the League of Assassins, Damian is knowledgeable in just as many martial arts forms as the Dark Knight. Because of the massive amount of training he received at birth, he is naturally better than the other Robins. Furthermore, he can even fight without seeing anything, as his hearing works well enough to allow him to feel how his opponents move. That's why he's the only Robin who wears a hood.


We've seen Robins use batons, guns, and all sorts of gear that came straight from Batman himself, but none quite top the fact that Damian Wayne uses a sword as his primary weapon. Because he was trained by the League, Damian has exceptional knowledge of how to use deadly weapons, and his choice equipment is obviously a sword.

Despite trying not to kill anyone these days, Damian still holds tight to his trusty blade. It allows him to properly defend himself against deadlier foes while taking a life when, and only if, necessary. Practical reasons aside, it's hard to argue that a shot of a hooded Robin wielding a katana isn't cool. To be plain and simple about this: a Robin with a sword is just plain awesome.


Damian Wayne didn't initially form the Teen Titans, as they'd been operating long before he came into the picture, but when things were shifted around for the Rebirth 0f the Teen Titans, the team got a bit of a different origin story that included the Dark Knight's son. Damian was still a former League of Assassins member, but things got a little hairy when it was revealed that he had a young assassin from that very organization after him.

It turns out that there's an entire team of these young assassins called the "Demon's Fist" who had each chosen separate targets to kill. Instead of acting brashly, Damian found all of these targets and put together a whole new team of Teen Titans. Take that, League of Assassins!


As if the fighting skills of a young boy weren't impressive enough, Damian Wayne also knows how to effectively run a business. Bred in him as a result of the League's training and Batman's genetics, Damian has a great knowledge of how a business works and how conflict is managed.

Eventually, this earned him a spot with the board members of Wayne Enterprises. While they were hesitant at first, he quickly proved himself as a brilliant mind. When there some irregularities documented, Damian tracked them down and presented them to the board, which scared them, to say the least. Needless to say, the future of Wayne Enterprises will be secure if anything were to happen to Bruce. The Dynamic Duo is not only effective in the streets, but in the workplace too. Is there anything that Batman's son can't do?

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