Reason to be Excited - Javier Garron's Artwork

In this feature I spotlight things from comics (presumably recent comics, but who knows, I might go into the past, as well) that I think are worth getting excited about.

Today we look at the art of Javier Garron.

The Cyclops ongoing series, written by Greg Rucka and then John Layman, opened with its initial artist being Russell Dauterman. Dauterman was clearly an absolute superstar, and Marvel quickly lifted him from the series to launch their new female Thor series by Jason Aaron, where Dauterman has been outstanding. I'd give Dauterman one of these features, but, well, I mean, come on, everyone knows Russell Dauterman is awesome, right? If not, then sure, I'll definitely give Dauterman one of these in the future.

Anyhow, the amusing thing is that Cyclops, this relatively minor title, a book that didn't even last past #12, followed up its initial superstar artist with Javier Garron, who I think ALSO has the chance to become a star artist for Marvel. Talk about picking good artists for a title!!

Garron followed up Cyclops with an Inferno mini-series during Secret Wars, and has since become the regular artist on the Star-Lord ongoing series (with writer Sam Humphries).

Check out his work from the latest issue (with color art by Antonio Fabela), where the concept is that the Collector has kidnapped Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde so that he can "collect" the truth about their break-up. He uses Skrull actors to recreate what Peter Quill and Kitty explain as the "real" reason behind their break-up. They are just stalling for time while trying to escape, but as they keep up with their made-up reasons behind their break-up, they can't help but eventually touch on some of the REAL reasons...

He has a dynamic art style, and his characters have that sharp, distinct look. There's a lot of similarities with the great Giuseppe Camuncoli, who has become a major artist for Marvel on Amazing Spider-Man.

In some ways, I'm a bit late on the Garron train, as Marvel already chose him to do the "Dead No More" preview story in this year's Free Comic Book Day comic, but he's not drawing the actual "Dead No More" crossover (Jim Cheung is), but I think in a few years, he'll be the type of guy you DO have draw the major crossover, like how Davis Marquez is drawing Civil War II.

Okay, that's it for this week! This feature is a bit more personal, but what the heck, if you see something in a comic that you're exicted about, feel free to drop me a line at bcronin@comicbookresources.com

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