Really Dumb Ideas - Cancelling Star Wars Legacy

This may or may not be a recurring bit. I guess it depends on whether I see other ideas that are SOOO bad that I don't mind spotlighting them here.

Anyhow, canceling Star Wars Legacy.

What the heck, Lucasfilm?

I imagine this is coming from Lucasfilm, because I don't see how Dark Horse would cancel their highest-selling Star Wars book (heck, behind Buffy the Vampire Slayer, their highest-selling comic period!).

Now, don't get me wrong, if this ends up being a re-launch, fair enough. I believe I read somewhere that once you reach 10 volumes of trade paperbacks in a series, the sales not only drop on the later volumes, they even go down on the earlier volumes (as, I presume, people don't want to get invested in something that is so long). So that would explain why you would want to end a series at #50.

But that would only make sense if you plan on re-launching. Seeing John Ostrander and Jan Duursema (the great creative team behind this cool comic) talk about it (like in this here CBR interview), they sure don't sound like anyone's approached them about a re-launch.

And that's just really dumb.

Start with your best-selling title. Add in the fact that it is also a well-written, well-drawn title. Add in the fact that the writer and artist for the comic are happy doing the book and want to keep doing it.

If you add that all up and you come to the conclusion of "We should cancel this title" then, well, I sure do disagree with you.

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