Real-World Life Insurance Costs for Batman, Spider-Man & More

Swinging off rooftops and punching supervillains in the face sounds like fun, sure, but have you ever considered the real-world ramifications of a superhero lifestyle? Specifically, as it would relate to trying to purchase life insurance? Because Vantis Life Insurance Company has.

Posted on their website earlier this week, Vantis Life took five movie superheroes -- Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Batman, Iron Man and Spider-Man -- and analyzed just how risky their chosen profession could be. To make sure the analysis was as thorough as possible, the Vantis Life team undertook the strenuous task of watching “all of the movies” and measuring all the requisite scenarios.

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The insurance company identified four risk factors for each character -- danger situations, actual physical harm, exposure to harmful materials and exposure to firearms -- and assigned scaled scores to a range of individual scenarios. A knife, for example, is more harmful than a fist, and Batman is much more at risk of being injured than Iron Man or Wonder Woman.

Total policy numbers were given by multiplying for superheroic risks and compared against dangerous civilian jobs, such as pilots and roofers.

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Ultimately, Batman would be paying close to a million dollars a month for a life insurance premium, while Wonder Woman, impervious to harm as she is, would be paying a little over $350,000 a month.

With most of the heroes analyzed by Vantis Life being billionaires or royalty, the high price tag probably isn’t too much of a concern. Only poor Peter Parker, coming in at over a half-million dollars a month, seems to be at risk of being priced out.

Let’s hope Aunt May’s insurance policy is a little more affordable.

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