Real-life superheroes, your days are numbered!

Since gaining national media attention as Cincinatti's self-appointed caped crusader, Shadow Hare has faced public mockery and a $10 bounty for his secret identity.

But now the black-clad protector of the Queen City may pray for the day when those were his biggest concerns.

It seems the rise of real-life superheroes, who organize via the World Superhero Registry, have triggered the inevitable backlash -- one far worse than the so-called Consortium of Evil that sought Shadow Hare's identity.

Introducing ROACH -- Ruthless Organization Against Citizen Heroes -- whose "primary goal is to be a counter balancing force against the Superheroes of the world who's [sic] goodwill and penchant for spreading hope has gone on unchecked for far too long. Where they exist to help and motivate society, we exist to help and motivate ourselves and to bring society under our boot!"

Unearthed over the weekend by io9.com, ROACH appears highly organized, with a mission statement, a youth-outreach division called LARVA -- Lower Aged Recruits for Violence and Aggression -- and, of course, T-shirts.

And, yes, ROACH is recruiting. There's even an ominous-yet-inspiring recruitment video. For more, see io9's interview with the group's mysterious founder The Potentate.

Shadow Hare, what have you gotten yourself into?

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