Real-life Superboy: 4-year-old Kal-El helps save family from crash

A 4-year-old in Trinidad is being celebrated as Superboy for helping to save his mother and aunt after their car drove off a cliff. His name? Kal-El Alleyne, suitably enough.

Trinidad and Tobago's CCN TV6 reports the family was on their way to Maracas on Tuesday when their car skidded, and Kal-El's mother Amanda Graham swerved to avoid oncoming traffic, sending the vehicle into a ravine and throwing all three occupants through the back window.

Graham told Kal-El, who of course is named after Superman, to climb about 100 feet up to the road to find help. The Boy of Steel did just that, and flagged down a passerby. His aunt suffered a broken shoulder and his mother a broken rib in the accident, but as you can see from the video below, Kal-El is just fine.

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