Real-life 'Kingdom Hearts' Oathkeeper is ridiculously cool, utterly impractical

While you may think the laws of a fantasy world where a Keyblade-wielding teenager rubs elbows with Disney characters couldn't possibly translate to our world, don't tell that to the folks at Man at Arms: Reforged.

After tackling the original Kingdom Hearts Keyblade in the first season, the Man at Arms crew decided to revisit the his game series with Sora's weapon the Oathkeeper. Incredibly intricate, it's characterized as the "most challenging" of the Kingdom Hearts weapons to build.

However, Man at Arms was up to the challenge, forging an Oathkeeper that's not only faithful to the video game but also do some serious slicing and smashing without getting damaged. Of course, that's against watermelon and bottles of soda; how it would stand up in battle is another question.

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