Real-life Kamen Rider patrols the streets of Japan

Japan's Chiba Prefecture may have its Batpod-cruising Chibatman, but now Fukuoka Prefecture can lay claim to a real-life Kamen Rider.

Although he isn't a household name in the United States, the motorcycle-riding superhero created by remains wildly popular in Japan, 44 years after his television debut (the latest incarnation of the franchise, Kamen Rider Drive, in which the protagonist travels by car rather than the signature motorcycle, is currently on the air).

According to RocketNews24, this version of Kamen Rider, rocking the grasshopper motif and straddling the Cyclone, is environmental artist Shinjiro Kumagaya, who cruises the streets of Kitakyushu, on the lookout for drunken drivers. And probably Shocker operatives. He even wears an armband that designates him as watchman sanctioned by local authorities.


First Chibatman, then ambassador Godzilla and now Kamen Rider ... Japan gets all the cool things.

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