'Real-Life Iron Man' Sets Guinness World Record

real life iron man

A new Guinness World Records title may herald the coming of a completely new way to fly. Or, barring that, a completely new way to get yourself into all kinds of dicey situations, just like Tony Stark. The record is for “fastest speed in a body controlled jet engine powered suit.” Yep, someone went and strapped jet engines to their hands and flew around a lake very fast. Now that’s the Tony Stark spirit of invention.

The man with the brains to pull off the record-setting feat is Richard Browning, the founder of Gravity Industries -- a little Stark Industries in training. Seriously, the company’s entire purpose is to invent, build and file patents relating to human propulsion technology.

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To set the record, Browning had to fly across a pond in Lagoona Park in Reading, UK and achieve a speed of over 30 MPH. After a bit of trouble (Browning lost control of the suit briefly and ended up taking a swim) he was able to achieve a speed of 32.02 MPH across a distance of roughly 100 meters.

Luckily, Browning didn’t have to make the suit under the same conditions as Stark. In the comics, Stark is struck by shrapnel while performing a military demonstration in Afghanistan. He’s captured by terrorists and told that if he builds a powerful enough weapon he will be given a life-saving surgery. Instead, Stark builds a prototype version of his iconic suit of armor and breaks out of captivity.

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