See The Real Ghostbusters Intro Recreated in Stop-Motion

Of all the classic 1980s movies to be adapted into a television animated series, one of the most successful was The Real Ghostbusters.

Based on the original 1984 comedy-horror film, the animated series ran for seven seasons from 1986-1991, showing the continuing adventures of the eponymous supernatural hunters as they battled the paranormal across New York City. Oklahoma City-based stop-animation studio Reckless Abandonment Pictures has worked painstakingly to recreate the cartoon's opening sequence using figures animated through stop-motion, sharing the final results online.

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Paired with team member Kyle Roberts' action figures, artist Nathan Poppe hand-drew over 30 images to serve as a backdrop for the recreated intro sequence. A clay puppet was constructed to bring the walking ghost from the sequence's opening moments to life while the team used a collection of Ghostbusters action figures from both the 1980s and recent releases through Diamond Select.

The iconic opening theme song was covered through an arrangement by composer Nicholas Poss, with Sean C. Johnson providing the vocals for the catchy tune as the team worked extensively to create a love letter to the classic animated series that grew up as fans of.

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