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15 Incredible Real Inventions That Can Make You A Superhero

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15 Incredible Real Inventions That Can Make You A Superhero

Ever since we were children, we’ve all dreamt of one day having the superpowers that we see in comic books and film. Most of us here all wanted to have the practical powers of Spider-Man and swing around New York to stop crime and help everyday people. However, because these heroes are entirely fictional, it’s too hard to get discouraged at this prospect. After all, comic book worlds exist in realities where natural laws don’t always apply, and where people are generally much more intelligent than the actual human race. Those great powers and gadgets always seemed an entire Multiverse away, but we’re to tell you that’s not the case.

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There are hundreds of minds who have sought to replicate the powers seen in comics and film. Whether they be someone who is just a fan of the source material, or the government trying to create more efficient tech for their soldiers, there are several examples where people saw a fictional concept and turned it into reality. It all seems too good to be true, but we’re not lying. If you’re still unsure of this prospect, keep reading to know about 15 real inventions that can turn you into your favorite superhero.


In theory, it doesn’t seem like creating a real-life version of Wolverine’s claws would be all that hard. You would just need well-sculpted blades, a way to extend them from a system, and a way to retract them without havinf to physically push them back in. However, Colin Furze proves that it takes a little more time and effort to do well.

Right off the bat, he has succeeded in making Wolverine claws that can both extend and retract with the push of a button. They’re attached to cables and a backpack though, so the design isn’t nearly as slim as you might expect. Still, the awesomeness of holding out metal claws is too much to get caught up in the nitty gritty details.


Ever since Spider-Man swung his idea into pop culture, people have been enamored with the idea of becoming the wall-crawler themselves. One step to doing this is to be able to replicate the web shooters that he built for himself. You’d be completely surprised at how many people have attempted this and each come up with their own iterations on how to get it done in a realistic way.

We definitely have to highlight content creator JLaservideo, as he has done not just one version of Spider-Man’s trusty web-shooters, but multiple ones. Each different build brings something else to the table, and he even has one that just about anyone can build with a little bit of money and time. It’s not too hard to become Spider-Man.


Blindness is something that humanity is often faced with. As we get older, our eyesight goes out. Some people are born without proper vision and because of the world we live in, they are hit with a great disadvantage. While there are some who learned to manage through echolocation, there is a device capable of helping a blind person have the senses of Matt Murdock himself: the OrCam.

This pair of glasses might be a little weird-looking, but its uses outweigh the qualms. It can detect words and will read to you whatever you point at. Furthermore, it can also help you detect faces of people you’re speaking with, benefitting your conversations and relationships. Those who are visually impaired can now function more independently in society with this product.


Being Batman is more than just having a brilliant mind and knowing how to fight. It’s also about having the right equipment. Batman knows he’s not perfect and will sustain some damage while protecting Gotham City. Because of this, his suit has to constantly be on par with the latest and greatest tech.

Coming across a suit like this is much easier than you may think. An industrial design major by the name of Gordon created a Batsuit that will do much more than get him into a Comic-Con. The entire outfit was designed to protect him from knives and other sharp objects. Furthermore, it can also withstand the impact of an iron pipe. This is exactly the kind of getup that Bruce Wayne would admire and it makes us wish we were handier in the shop.


One piece of tech we will never be able to perfectly replicate is the Iron Man suit. Simply put, there are so many technological advancements in Tony Stark’s hardware and OS that it would take centuries for us to ever make it become a reality. That said, there are plenty of robotic suits out there for people to wear.

Many exoskeletons have been designed to increase strength and agility on whoever wears them. The one that has us most impressed is a machine called the Kuratas Robot. Designed after mech seen in Japanese anime, this massive machine is piloted by a person inside and is readily available to sport heavy weaponry and do extreme maintenance work. You can get one yourself, but only if you have over $1 million to spend frivolously.


If you want to know about something that will blow your mind, then we highly suggest looking into a man named Richard Browning. It’s obvious from the entry title what he accomplished, but once you understand the details involved, your jaw is going to hit the floor.

Browning is a man obsessed with keeping himself healthy, and he began to wonder what could be attained when you combine mind, body and the greatest of today’s modern technology. He quickly began work on his own jetpack system. With the help of other designers, he put together a set that propelled itself on four jet engines and actually allowed Browning to get off the ground. According to him, it requires a lot of strength and core control.


Being Spider-Man is more than just having web-shooters. If you want the full experience, you’re going to want to look into the Gecko Gloves. This concept from Stanford was applied from how the Gecko can stick to walls and expanded to allow a human to do the same.

According to research done by Elliot Hawkes, the man in charge, there had to be a way to evenly distribute the weight while still sticking to the surface, or the entire machine would fail. With a lot of work, they put together this contraption. However, it only works on smooth surfaces and won’t stick to anything in the rain, due to how the adhesive aids the function of the device. It’s not as impressive as you might want it to be, but it’s still cool nonetheless.


When Johnny Storm says his classic catchphrase and takes to the skies of New York, you know you’re about to get an impressive treat. However, when it comes to shooting fire, it’s not something that people can do on their own. We would some sort of technological help.

Thankfully, there was a brilliant mind by the name of Adam Wilber. This man created a device called the Pyro Fireshooter. Being a little contraption that fits on your wrist, the wearer is able to shoot fireballs in a matter of seconds. As of right now, there is a much more compact design out called the Pyro Mini, which nearly perfects the original idea. You can actually go to the website and purchase this machine for yourself at $149.


Technically, Darth Vader and the rest of the Star Wars universe didn’t come from the comic world, but because they’ve been incorporated into it, we feel that it counts. Plus, a lightsaber is one of the most iconic weapons in fiction, and if someone were able to pull it off, we’d almost be obligated to include it here.

A young genius on Youtube named styropyro decided to put together his own lightsaber design. Rather than do it with fire, he used an extremely powerful laser and equipped it with a handle. This laser is so strong that it can cut and burn through any light materials. While the beam itself is extremely long and it won’t exactly make any collisions like you see in the films, the idea of this is impressive enough to jot down in the history books.


This one is easily a much more recognizable feat. When Christopher Nolan was working on his own take of the Batman mythos, he knew that he had to create a different Batmobile to fit in the universe. On top of that, he didn’t want to use any special effects, so he had the machine built from scratch to be used solely for the film.

The result was the Tumbler that we saw in The Dark Knight Trilogy. Everything about this vehicle from its size to how it moves was all created in real-life. Furthermore, the existence of the Tumbler was used to entice people to serve as extras in The Dark Knight Rises. While you may not be able to easily get your hands on one, the crew over at Team Galag might make this a mainstream attainable reality very soon.


Superman is the quintessential superhero in terms of powers. He has just about everything you could want, but the big focus of this entry is his X-ray vision. He can easily see what people are plotting by simply looking through walls. It’s a power that a lot of us would like to have, and it seems like we’re one step closer to having it available.

Some brilliant minds at MIT have put together some technology to create X-Ray glasses that can see through objects. They do this by triggering Wi-Fi signals. The resulting image isn’t as clear as you might want it to be, but it’s still functional and distinguishable. It still has a long way to go, and we’ll be excited to hear what will come of it in the future.


When it comes to these sorts of gadgets, there’s nobody like the Hacksmith. After developing countless unique tools based on comic books, he decided to tackle one of the most famous gadgets in Batman’s arsenal: the grappling hook gun. The Dark Knight has used this to repel down buildings as well as rocket up to high places in no time.

During the construction phase, there was reason to believe that this device wouldn’t work, but not only does it work, it does the job as well as it has every right to. By taking an older repelling hook design and elaborating on it, the Hacksmith put together a gun that could pull him up to a higher place as well as help him get down. If you want to be the Caped Crusader, he’s your guy.


Green Arrow and Hawkeye can each be excellent heroes because of their archery skills and various trick arrows. In a sticky situation, it’s easy to set off an explosive arrow to stun the bad guys, a grappling hook arrow to save you from a long fall, and a boxing glove arrow to knock someone out. While a lot of these ideas seem ridiculous, there is an essence of truth to them.

The reality is that trick arrows do exist, and many of them have been made. However, they’re, more or less, arrows with different tips. You’re not going to see any boxing glove arrows because they wouldn’t make it very far off the ground. Instead, different tips have different functions, and you can see anything from explosive tipped arrows to ones with blades on the side.


The HackSmith Youtube channel features a video of an inventor who created a real-life replica of the Captain America shield. The best part about it is that it functions almost exactly like the Vibranium weapon we’ve seen in both the Marvel Universe comics and by Chris Evans’ MCU version of the Star-Spangled Avenger.

Built from an extremely sturdy metal, the shield can destroy a lot of objects and it is actually fairly easy to throw. However, the creators didn’t stop there. They equipped it with some electromagnets so that you could essentially catch it on your arm just like the fictional Steve Rogers does, and the amazing part about that is that it works pretty darn well. If you’re interested in other superhero equipment, we recommend you check out the channel.


Invisibility is a prospect that we’ve been interested in for several decades now. How would we be able to cause someone to be unseen by the rest of the world at large? Many scientists have begun work to find the answer, as they have been able to cause light to bend around an object to make it appear as a completely different shape or to disappear altogether.

In this regard, passive invisibility has been achieved. The true test will come when active invisibility is attempted. Once scientists discover a way to make people invisible while moving, that will be an event ready for the history books as we move forward into a newer, and quite possibly a more dangerous, technological age. For now, Susan Storm still has us beat.

What comic book gadget would you want IRL? Let us know in the comments!

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