Jaws Returns to the Theater with a Live Orchestra


Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the theater, "Jaws" arrives at London's famous Royal Albert Hall for a screening accompanied by a live performance of the iconic John Williams score.

The classic film, which made Steven Spielberg a household name, was the most successful of all time upon its release in 1975, completely changing the cinematic landscape, paving the way for later wide releases like "Star Wars" in 1978. "Jaws" created the template for what we now think of as the summer blockbuster - a virtually unheard of idea prior to the film's release.  A master-class in sustained suspense, "Jaws" helped elevate Spielberg from the ranks of talented TV movie director to his perch as one of the most influential filmmakers in American cinema.

Four decades after its initial release, "Jaws" remains as powerful, a brutal and genre affirming experience that like all truly great films still holds up remarkably well.  Spielberg has credited John Williams iconic score for "half the success" of 'Jaws' and its easy to hear why. From the now-infamous opening notes of the masterful main theme, Williams' score set the tone for the entire film and earned the composer his first of five Oscars and twenty-two Grammy awards.  Now, fans in the UK will have the opportunity to experience the groundbreaking score performed by the BBC Concert Orchestra in sync with a screening of Spielberg's seminal thriller.  All and all, not a bad way to spend an evening - certainly better than a day at the beach.

Tickets go on sale Thursday, March 2nd for the October 21 premiere.

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