Reading the Internet so you don't have to

Not every comics artist is at Comic-Con International in San Diego this week; some are at home updating their blogs. Like Paul Pope (above).  For this I'll forgive his minor part in the Before Watchmen farrago.

Dan McDaid is home in Scotland posting an Easter egg-laden image from an upcoming issue of Doctor Who Magazine.

Here's 2000AD staple PJ Holden's reaction to how very Orwellian the U.K.'s build-up to the London Olympics has been getting.

I did chuckle when I saw Sam Hiti's proposed floor plan for Comic-Con International 2013.

I'll admit to knowing comparatively little about Spider-Man lore, but web cartoonist Adam Law seems to be doing a callback to that awful TV show from my childhood, what with the visible belt-and-web-shooters combination. Which is strange, 'cause Law is about 12, if memory serves.

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