Reading the Internet so you don't have to, Part 7

I've described some artists here as having "escaped" comics for the rarified air of the fine art world. I get the feeling Glenn Barr would deny that description, I remember seeing him describe his work before as "low brow art". Anyway, I love it. There's an interview with him over at the 1XRun blog, discussing the latest limited-edition print he's produced for them, The Alien Bride.

Lots more art below, including Sergio Aragones, Jon Haward, Dan McDaid and Brendan McCarthy.

If, like me, nude self-portraits of paunchy middle-aged Naked Cartoonists floats your boat, there's a sizable gallery of work from Fantagraphics' new book devoted to this very subject over here.

Jon Haward, artist of the modern classic U.K. underground Tales of the Buddha Before He Got Enlightened, drew this 2000AD Versus Marvel mash-up for the Glasgow 2012 Comic Con program. Looks like Cap got a lucky one in on Tharg. Or are those boots Zenith's?

David Au may be a storyboard artist rather than a comic-book artist, but this one drawing packs a helluva lot of storytelling and characterization into one panel. Great likeness of Robert Shaw, too.

I've been enjoying the character sketches of Anthony Hope-Smith's recently, over at his blog. Here's his version of Tardi's Adele Blanc-Sec.

Someone else who was at the Glasgow con, and posted up a load of sketches from his time there, was Dan McDaid. Well, to be precise, his girlfriend Debs posted the pictures. She sometimes answers his emails, too. Dan's a very busy man. My favorite was this Lovecraftian effort.

The last time I did one of these, I asked how long before one of those Dredd 3D posters was defaced in the style of Mega City One wallscrawler Marlon "Chopper" Shakespeare? The answer was "not very long at all."

Here's the cover to the second issue of IDW Publishing's reprint of Zaucer of Zilk, and y'know what? DC should totally rip of Brendan McCarthy's Zaucer design for when they reintroduce Doctor Fate.

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