Reading the internet so you don't have to, Part 5

Just noticed the next issue of Juxtapoz Magazine will be cover-featuring Daniel Clowes. He always gives a good interview. And sometimes complains about it afterwards.

Plenty more art from Clowes, Yuko Shimizu, Daniel Krall, Nick Abadzis and Duncan Fegredo after the break.

One blog I always love to see updated is that of The Unwritten's cover artist, Yuko Shimuzu. She always posts with the informative voice of someone who is clearly as fine an educator as an illustrator. Shimuzu guides you through the process behind the creation of a cover, from thumbnail to finished article.

Another artist whose blog is updated agonizingly seldom is Daniel Krall's. Here's an illustration of The xx he's recently completed for The New Yorker.

I'm sure you've all figured out by now I'm a sucker for the old UK anthology Deadline.  One of my very favourite strips that ran in that much-missed comic was Nick Abadzis's Hugo Tate. This strip is finally collected and back in print this week via the good burghers of Blank Slate Books, my current favourite publisher on this planet.  Over at their blog, Nick has came up with a streaming playlist to accompany the book.

Duncan Fegredo posted a tantalizing shot from his phone's camera of his upcoming Young Hellboy original graphic novel, The Midnight Circus. Cute stuff. I'm now mysteriously craving maple syrup.

And Rufus Dayglo seems happy that the Ro-Jaws sculpt he designed for Ash Wood's 3A Toys has arrived.

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