Reading the Internet so you don't have to, Part 3

Plenty of comic art blogs getting interesting updates recently. The Art of Simon Bisley fansite has a gallery of covers and concept work from Lost Angeles, recently announced by IDW Publishing as migrating there from Heavy Metal. This series will feature Kevin Eastman's long-overdue return to drawing longform comics.

• Eric Canete has been posting loads of recently commissioned sketches on his blog since Friday, and a lot of them have been a tad NSFW, so let's insert a break here.

Canete has a new golden rule that he's more or less sticking: no copyrighted characters. So if you were going to commission him to draw Hellboy, now he'll draw you his originated version of a design that might have came from a similar brief, if you catch my drift. Such as this, his "Man Of Hell":

Sometimes, who the new design is based on is less obvious: "Woman Savage" could be any of those stereotypical Jungle Girls.

• Frazer Irving has been updating his Tumblr like mad for a few days now: lots of pages from the adaptation of Frankenstein he did for Puffin Graphic Classics, for starters, but I particularly liked this characterful preliminary sketch he did while designing the Irish superhero Silverfin for DC's The Shade.

• I've recently come across a fan's Tumblr devoted to Paul Pope, and liked this -- the Diabolik-esque Colibri from Pope's long-gestating La Bionica. I think I first saw this sketch in 2007, when its publication was described as "impending." I'll let that one hang there.

• Loveable Leigh Gallagher, artist on the new 2000AD strip Aquila, has just posted a couple of dozen pages of original Judge Dredd art he's selling at bargain prices. He must need the room. Gallagher's Dredd is winningly grizzled, and reminds me of John Ridgway's take on the iconic lawman.

• If a creator launching a Kickstarter campaign counts as news, then so does a comic book artist opening a Big Cartel store to sell his homemade wares. The cover of Dan McDaid's new sketchbook is a thing of glory.


And here's the latest, and silliest, mash-up from Dan's blog: Batman/Bananaman, the team-up the world has been waiting for.

• And taking this audit of the art bloggers right into the zeitgeist, here's a winsome Hathaway-esque life study Cameron Stewart posted on his Tumblr.

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