Reading the Internet so you don't have to, Part 2

Robert Ball is living the dream: by day, a Roger Sterling-style big wig in the advertising world, chain-smoking Lucky Strikes and chugging whiskey, and spending his evenings as a freelance illustrator and aspiring comic book creator. A man of distinction, who puts the appropriate research into getting the Korina neck and headstock of a vintage Flying V just right.

Over at Wired's Underwire blog, Grant Morrison reveals that he's putting a lot more thought into Barry Sonnenfeld's Dinosaurs vs. Aliens than anyone really expected.

I've only just realized that Steve Rude has a blog. Unforgivable, I know. His latest post is an art-rich step-by-step process breakdown on how he recently painted a recreation of the cover to the triple Eisner-winning Nexus: The Origin from 1991.

Joe Decie is a rising star of U.K. comics -- I'd describe him as producing work reminiscent of the craft of Eddie Campbell but with something of the tone of James Kochalka's domestic-set work. And his hand lettering is gorgeous. When not working on longer-form work, he regularly posts shorter strips to his website. Here's the latest.

Nightwing #54

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