Reader Art Gallery Reminder!

Just figured I'd take this opportunity to remind you folks of the Reader Art Gallery for November.

If you feel like doing a drawing for the Art Gallery, just send in a drawing (in jpeg format) to bcronin@comicbookresources.com by 6pm Eastern time on Thursday, November 11th.

Use the past The Line It Is Drawn topics as your guide (I'd prefer you just use ones from October, but if you want to use other ones, that's fine, too). Here is a link to all the past The Line It Is Drawns.

It's always fun to get as many drawings as possible!

Also, send in more suggestions for this week's The Line It Is Drawn topic (comic book character team-up/mash-up with comic strip characters)! Go tweet them at @csbg!

Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle #1

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