Read Victor Santos' wordless noir webcomic <i>Polar</i>

Michael Avon Oeming pointed out a beautiful, if bloody, webcomic by his Mice Templar collaborator Victor Santos (Filthy Rich, Godzilla: Kingdom of Monsters) that's an engaging experiment in color, style and wordless storytelling. Called Polar, it stars international hitman Kaiser Black, the title character of Santos' 2010 graphic novel, in bleak story populated by a femme fatale, a death squad and lots of bloodshed, all set against a stark, icy backdrop.

Santos explains, "The story uses a minimalistic and direct style inspired by movies like Le Samurai (Jean-Pierre Melville, 1967), Tokyo Drifter (Seijun Suzuki, 1965) or Point Blank (John Boorman, 1967) and novels like The Killer inside me (Jim Thompson, 1952) or The Eiger Sanction (Trevanian, 1979). Polar is also a tribute to artists like Jim Steranko, Jose Muñoz, Alberto Breccia, Alex Toth and Frank Miller."

Check out some pages from Polar below, and follow the whole story to date on Santos' website.

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