Read the third chapter of Mark Crilley's 'Brody's Ghost' right here, right now

The next edition of MySpace Dark Horse Presents comes out on Wednesday, but courtesy of Dark Horse we're happy to bring you the entire third chapter of Mark Crilley's "Brody's Ghost" before this week's issue goes live.

Mark spoke to CBR about the story in January, and I asked him if he wanted to set up this third chapter. So, let's hear from Mark:

This story centers on Brody's training with his samurai mentor ghost, Kagemura. We've leaped ahead to a point in the saga where Brody is in the thick of his training. I wanted to show how demanding it was and the toll it was taking on him. In the series I'll be challenging myself to make the acquisition of supernatural powers as believable as possible; not a miraculous 'bit by a radioactive spider' type deal, but something more gradual: a process the reader can almost imagine going through him or herself. This eight-pager conveys some of the training process and also some of the mental tug of war that goes on between Brody and Kagemura. In the series we'll get to see more of this, following Brody's transformation from a deadbeat loser to a young man of truly superhuman abilities.

You can check out the first two chapters on the MySpace Dark Horse Presents page. And all of chapter three can be found right after the jump ...


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