Read the Full Issue: "Phantom Double Shot #1: KGB Noir"

Courtesy of Moonstone, CBR presents a complete issue of "Phantom Double Shot #1: KGB Noir" featuring Lee Falk's Phantom and the debut of Mike Bullock's Death Angel.

PHANTOM Double Shot #1: KGB Noir (of6)

Stories: Mike Bullock

Art: Fernando Peniche, Michael Metcalf

Cover: Dennis Calero

24pgs, b/w, $2.99

A Special Noir Mini-Series Starring The Phantom with Tectonic Tie-In Tales Featuring Moonstone Books' Best and Brightest Stars!

The Phantom stars in part one of "The Hammer":

When a cabal of ex-KGB agents plan a WMD buy, it's up to The Phantom to keep them from obtaining the device. But when our hero engages the Russians, he soon discovers The Hammer is falling and the United States is the nail.

And in the second feature: the debut of Death Angel, the newest pulp hero in the Moonstone universe. Created by award winning writer Mike ("Lions, Tigers and Bears") Bullock.Two members of The Hammer seek to extort state secrets from an American weapons contractor, but their plans are about to change when night falls on the wings of death.

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