Read The First Details About The X-Men: First Class Trailer

It's a big year for comic book movies. Already we've received trailers to both Thor and Green Lantern, two of the big superhero films of the summer. Two are still leaving audiences waiting with bated breath, and while info for Captain America: The First Avenger remains under ice for now, we've just received first word on the X-Men: First Class front.

According to a report at The Daily Blam, Fox began screening the trailer to a select few and the site offered readers a detailed description of what's in store when the preview finally bursts the eyeballs of moviegoers everywhere -- assuming the details of the trailer are true, that is. There's no way of verifying the authenticity of the report, so take the following with your usual pinch of salt.

The trailer reportedly opens with voice-overs from Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan, in their respective roles of Xavier and Magneto as they discuss destiny and choosing sides. An appropriate beginning as in the case of this film, the present is prologue. Things then flash backward Lost style to a young Xavier and Magneto, played by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender, meeting for the first time followed by scenes of them walking through the halls of the X-Mansion 1.0. A few moments of foreshadowing occurs, which includes Magneto yelling with metal tables floating around him and the would-be villain killing a bunch of guards.

Up next: character teases galore. We see Azazel taking out a room full of people, apparently sporting Nightcrawler's Age of Apocalypse swashbuckling look with dual swords, members of the Hellfire Club and Emma Frost as she goes into diamond form wearing her current outfit, and Mystique and Beast transforming, with the latter apparently very much resembling Kelsey Grammer's look from X-Men 3. Havok appears, briefly fires energy blasts from his chest, although they're red and not blue. And we get to see Xavier going bald. The trailer closes on Magneto picking up and putting on his infamous helmet before the screen cuts to black and the logo appears.

All in all, the trailer sounds like a typical "quick set up of plot followed by image, image, image, image, logo!" It's an effective strategy that generally gets people hyped without giving away too much, and in the case of X-Men, it teases Fox's usual strategy in the franchise of bombarding fans with cameo upon cameo. Now, let's just wait and see how the actual trailer measures up to the description.

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