Read The Complete "Borrowed Time" #1

So, you've pretty much got it all. A great girlfriend, a nice apartment, a job you love that sends you all over the world. Life doesn't get much better. Taylor Devlin thought as much. But when this journalist returns home from an assignment in the Bermuda Triangle, he discovers his old life isn't there anymore and the world has changed rather dramatically.

That's the basic premise of "Borrowed Time," a series of six graphic novels by writer Neal Shaffer and artist Joe Infunari, the first of which saw publication last year from Oni Press. We spoke with Shaffer and Infunari about the series in March of 2006. The first issue was released last year, with the second issue of this ongoing series of graphic novels due in stores tomorrow, March 7th. To help prime new readers on what's happening, Oni Press has provided CBR News with the entirety of issue #1 for you to read online absolutely free.

To launch the comic, simply click any of the pages below to launch the preview pane. You'll be able to navigate from page to page inside. Then return Wednesday afternoon for a chat with the creators of the book and a look at issue #2.

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