Red Dead Online Will Launch in Beta This Week

Red Dead Online

Gather up, cowboys, because Red Dead Redemption II's multiplayer is launching in beta this week.

For those who bought the Ultimate Edition of the game, Red Dead Online's testing goes live Tuesday. Following that, those who bought the game on its original release of Oct. 26 can play on Wednesday, and on Thursday it will open for those who bought the game between Oct. 26 and Oct. 29. Finally, everyone else can get in on the action on Friday.

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The multiplayer component will blend gameplay from the first game's multiplayer, plus the experiences Rockstar has learned from previous games to create a "deep multiplayer experience." As in GTA Online, players will make their own characters with custom abilities and roam the wilderness of the Wild West. Up to seven players can form a Posse together to hunt, take on missions from characters in the game's story, search for treasure, and attack rival gangs. It's even possible to fight other Posses in large-scale battles or open-world challenges.

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Over the course of the beta process, Rockstar will take feedback from players on how to shape Red Dead Online. The game will continue to grow over time with new content and updates, with this being the first step in a "continually expanding and dynamic world." The mode can be selected by going to the 'Online' tab in the title menu.

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