Read Chad Sell's touching comic tribute to 'The Authority' #8

In the wake of Comic-Con International, The A.V. Club launched a week-long celebration of comics -- called, appropriately enough, Comics Week -- that's included a discussion about diversity by Janelle Asselin, Karl Bollers and G. Willow Wilson, an interview with Becky Cloonan, a spotlight on the comics-inspired song "Alley Oop," and a comics tribute by Ryan Brown (God Hate Astronauts) to his influences.

However, as much as I've liked all of the pieces, my favorite so far is easily cartoonist Chad Sell's touching ode to Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch's The Authority #8, and how the depiction of Apollo and Midnighter's relationship affected him as both a closeted teen and as a budding artist.

Check out part of Sell's comic strip below, and read it in its entirety at The A.V. Club.

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