Read An Entire Issue of Giffen & DeMatteis' "Hero Squared"

When Keith Giffen and J.M. DeMatteis announced they'd be taking the "Bwa-Ha-Ha" style of humor created in the '80s for the "Justice League" to the creator owned title "Hero Squared," fans were quite surprised and intrigued. It was the first time the duo worked together on a creator owned title and the possibilities were endless. As "Hero Squared" is their creation entirely, fans expected a no-holds barred style of comedy and they got it.

The series has generated quite a bit of buzz following the initial one-shot release that kicked the whole thing off. What followed included a "Hero Squared" three-issue mini-series, a spin off series called "Planetary Brigade" and finally and ongoing series which launched earlier this year.

For those of you interested in catching up on the back-story, a trade paperback that includes that initial one-shot and the first mini-series hits comic shops tomorrow. Not sure if you should pick it up? Well, let CBR help you decide. Boom! Studios has provided CBR News with the entire first issue of the "Hero Squared" mini-series, completely free of charge. And if you want more "Hero Squared" goodness, head on over to your comic shop Thursday to check out the new trade paperback collection. Click any of the images below to launch the preview.

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