Reaction to the Civil War #2 Spoiler

Read no further if you don't want to read about the big spoiler in Civil War #2.

Okay, well...that was fairly lame, no?

I mean, I do not like the idea period, but to make this big to-do about how Peter Parker being married to Mary Jane is not staying true to the character, and then going and doing this? It just doesn't make much sense.

Greg Hatcher recently wrote,

And now all this Civil War tie-in stuff with Spider-Man about to unmask in front of Congress.I got to that cliffhanger and my first thought was, "No way. Straczynski will find a way to doubletalk Peter out of doing it." and then I thought for another minute about all the other changes, the Real Changes, in the last decade or so, and my second reaction was, "Oh, damn it. He might not. He might have decided to really dispense with the secret identity. Oh man, that would be so wrong, what an insane blunder, don't do that...."

Greg is right.

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