How Does Razor Fist Get Anything Done With Razor Blades For Hands?

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Recently, I did a story about how the Rhino went to the bathroom back in the days when his suit was not removable. As soon as that piece went up, I was inundated with people who then wanted to know how Razor Fist went to the bathroom, then. Who am I to refuse such a request?

The original Razor Fist debuted in the pages of Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy's Masters of Kung Fu run...

Moench liked the character enough that he seemingly brought him back when Mike Zeck had taken over as penciler on the series...

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That turned out to be a robot, though.

Years later, during Gene Day's time on the book, Moench finally introduced a new Razor Fist (well, two of them, but only one who lived).

Chris Claremont, John Buscema and Klaus Janson used that version of Razor Fist in their Wolverine serial that kicked off Marvel Comics Presents in 1988...

Wolverine first fought against the villain in the third issue, where Wolverine asks the question we're all wondering? How does this guy eat? How does he get dressed?

And while Wolverine doesn't ask it, you know we're all also wondering how he goes to the bathroom.

The answer came in the 1996 Elektra ongoing series by Peter Milligan and Mike Deodato, where the fifth issue reveals that Razor Fist has a series of servants who cater to his every need...

Even after Elektra has defeated them and they are "free," they choose to remain with their master...

In the years since, Razor Fist has also gotten robot hands for a while and in another story, he was shown with hooks for hands, which suggests that the blades are removable. However, for the most part, I think the Milligan story answered the question - he has assistants who do everything for him.

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