GI Joe Snake Eyes Spinoff Movie Won't Star Ray Park

Snake Eyes with Sword

Paramount Pictures producer Lorenzo Di Bonaventura has revealed that fan-favourite actor Ray Park won't be reprising his role as Snake Eyes in the origin movie planned for G.I. Joe's resident ninja.

Park portrayed the iconic character in 2009's The Rise of Cobra and Retaliation four years later, but it looks like he won't be appearing in Snake Eyes' solo movie.

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When asked by /Film during a Bumblebee interview about Park returning, Di Bonaventura said, "Probably not, because we are going to the origin story. As you know in the comic book, you saw his face. And it is, I’ll say, the formation of a hero. So you've got to see somebody and it can't be Ray's age, unfortunately."

Snake Eyes' early story saw him injured in one of his first missions in a helicopter explosion, which disfigured his face and permanently damaged his vocal cords. It remains to be seen just how far back into his origin the film will dive, though, as we already saw his formative years training with Storm Shadow and the Arashikage clan.

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This franchise had already recast Cobra Commander, who was masked up and went from Joseph Gordon Levitt to Luke Bracey, so seeing as we've never seen Snake Eyes as a young adult, it should be an easy fix for the studio to get a younger version of Park.

The Snake Eyes origin film will be released in March 2020. It will be directed by Robert Schwentke (Insurgent, Allegiant) from a script written by Evan Spiliotopoulos (Beauty and the Beast).

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