Ray Liotta Blew His Shot At Being Tim Burton's "Batman"

It's funny to recall now, but when Michael Keaton was cast in 1989's "Batman," fandom went ape over the casting of a perceived comedic actor in the role. But would Ray Liotta have gotten a better response? We'll never know, and it's all the legendary actor's fault.

In a new interview with the LA Times, the current star of NBC's crime drama "Shades of Blue" reflected on a career whose highlights include "Goodfellas," but the actor revealed that his one big regret was passing on a chance to meet with director Tim Burton to discuss "Batman."

This was around the time when Liotta had broken into the big time with his star-making performance in "Something Wild." When offered a meeting to play the Dark Knight on the big screen, the actor passed on the chance because at the time the public association with Batman and with superheroes in general was more along the lines of Adam West's camp classic. "I think Tim Burton is a great, great director, and I always regretted not going and meeting him, just to talk," said Liotta, adding, "It just seemed silly."

Of course, Keaton's Batman went on to define the character and superhero comics for a generation of fans, so it all worked out in the end.

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