Ray Fisher Wants in on the Netflix's Prodigy (And Mark Millar Agrees)

Justice League star Ray Fisher had made it clear he wants to play the lead character in Netflix's adaptation of Mark Millar's Prodigy.

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The comic book, out under the Netflix imprint after it purchased Millarworld, and drawn by Huck artist Rafa Albuquerque, focuses on Edison Crane, the world's most intelligent man, whose brain and brawn has him curing debilitating diseases, taking on daredevil challenges, fighting crime and also exploring extraterrestrial activity.

Clearly, it's impressed Fisher to the point that he wants in when Netflix eventually begins production on the small screen adaptation, tweeting out that he and Millar "should talk" about the project. Millar, of course, responded in kind, excitedly pointing out Fisher's resemblance to the character. "God, the more I look at Edison Crane the more he looks like Ray. Hmm..." Millar tweeted back at the Cyborg actor.

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Fisher may have some time on his hands now, as Warner Bros.' planned Cyborg spinoff has seemingly stalled, although Fisher himself has said it's not dead in the water. Still, the fate of the DC Extended Universe is still up in the air, with Ben Affleck's Batman and Henry Cavill's Superman constantly rumored to be exiting. The Flash's solo film, starring Ezra Miller, continues to be stuck in developmental purgatory, although James Wan's success with Aquaman could see the DCEU garnering a life extension, maybe offering Cyborg fans hope.

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