Cyborg Actor Ray Fisher Weighs in on Appearing in a Teen Titans Movie

Ray Fisher's Cyborg

Justice League star Ray Fisher has addressed the possibility of playing Cyborg in a Teen Titans live-action film, conceding, "nothing is off the table, really."

While appearing over the weekend at Wizard World Philadelphia alongside co-star Ezra Miller, Fisher was asked whether he'd be willing to be part of a Teen Titans movie.

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"It’s like, stories with consequence actually really appeal to me," he replied, "where characters are going through recognizable struggle that I see in every day life. So if that translates to Titans or a Cyborg standalone or Justice League 2, as long as that’s there, I’m sold, man. I’m good with anything."

Although a Titans live-action series is set to premiere later this year on the new DC Universe streaming service, Fisher confirmed it's set outside the continuity of the DC Extended Universe, and that he's not involved.

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"I know they have a Titans show that’s coming out in DC’s own universe that they’re doing, some sort of online deal — I haven’t heard too much about it," he said. "But you’ll see them represented in the live-action version in that way, for sure."

Cyborg has been confirmed as part of the recently announced Doom Patrol spinoff, also set to premiere on DC Universe, but it's unclear whether the character is also part of Titans.

Debuting in a cameo as Victor Stone in 2016's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Fisher reprised his role as Cyborg in last year's Justice League. Since then, Fisher is rumored to return as Cyborg in both the long-delayed Flash solo film, starring Miller, and in his own solo film.

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