Yu-Gi-Oh: The 10 Most Unbelievably Rare Cards That Are Worth A Fortune, Ranked

Just like the anime, the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game has an assortment of rare and valuable cards that would make both Seto Kaiba and Yugi Muto foam at the mouth to get their hands on. Several costs thousands of dollars to afford and others can make someone an instant millionaire if they get their hands on them.

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Many come in the form of tournament prizes, and others are special promotional cards that are limited to just a few. Though, no matter if you think that Yu-Gi-Oh is just a children's card game or not, it takes some serious adult money to score these cards. So let's look at some cards that'll burn a hole in someone's wallet faster than a good burn deck can take their life points.

10 Gold Sarcophagus - $6,000


It is only fitting that a card game so ingrained in Egyptian mythology has one of its most valuable cards take a direct nod from Egyptian history. Originally a prize to the precursor of the Yu-Gi-Oh Championship Series, the Shonen Jump Championship, this card is excellent all around. The only problem is the little text to the lower left of the card that forbids it from play.

Not that someone would want to bring it out much if they want to retain its value. Currently going for about 6,000 dollars on the card market, it is about as valuable as a down payment on a reasonably priced car. So make sure to bring some Yu-Gi-Oh cards next time you are at the car dealership.

9 Armament Of Lethal Lord - $9,000

This card started out with a 1.7 million dollar asking price on eBay, thankfully it has since gone down in price dramatically. It now only takes several thousand dollars to add this card to a collection. Though like the card above it, it is illegal to use it in actual play.

The prize for the World Championship Series in 2006, this card earns its price by being a card handed out only to winners of the tournament. Already making it available to a select few, the fact that it made headlines when it was originally posted for more than a million dollars probably only adds to its rarity.

8 Legendary Magician Of Dark - $18,888

Magicians are a common theme in Yu-Gi-Oh. Often associated with Yugi Muto, the protagonist of the original series, it's only fair that a few end up being some of the most valuable cards in the game. This one, in particular, being an offshoot of Yugi's famous Dark Magician,  Legendary Magician of Dark sets a person back 18,888 dollars.

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Though, it not only gets its price from being associated with famous cards in the franchise, this particular version was awarded to winners of the Yu-Gi-Oh World Championship series in 2012. Making it an exceedingly rare card to find.

7 Stardust Divinity - $20,000

This 2010 World Championship card shares a rather interesting effect with the card above. They both have an ability to immediately win a match if they reduce an opponent's life points down to zero. While it may not seem like a big deal at first glance, the terminology used here makes all the difference. In the official tournaments, a duel is considered a single game, a match, however, is considered the best out of three duels. These cards completely bypass the need to win a second time.

Unfortunately, this special ability immediately becomes useless because these cards are not allowed in tournament play. This card, in particular, having text that disallows its use. Think about that before you drop 20,000 dollars on this card on eBay.

6 Grizzly The Red Star Beast - $31,888


Once again, this card also has the text that says the player wins the match if they reduce their opponent's life points down to zero. Once again, this card is illegal to use in all tournament play. So what is the damn point?

Regardless, this card is one of the rarest in the game. Another prize card from the 2010 Championship series set, this is the most expensive card from that set of prizes. Currently, Grizzly The Red Star Beast is on sale for an asking price of 31,888 dollars on eBay. Even with its useless ability.

5 Dark Magician Girl - $50,000

Being part of the Dark Magician family of cards in the anime and card game, Dark Magician Girl is one of the most recognizable mascots for the franchise. Frequently adorning advertisements, merchandise, and other things related to the show and card game. It only makes sense that one of her cards would be worth so much.

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In striking contrast to the other cards on this list, the most expensive version of Dark Magician Girl doesn't come as a prize to a Championship series. Instead, it is associated with a special lottery that commemorates the release of 10,000 Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards in Japan. Limited to only 1,000 cards, they all come printed on stainless steel and encased in acrylic plates with serial numbers earning their owners 50,000 is they wish to sell them.

4 Kaiser Eagle, The Heaven's Mandate - $100,000

Now we get to the big money! The four and five-digit prices above are already enough to send some cowering in fear for their wallet, these next figures might just put someone into a debt-induced coma from which there is no recovering from.

By now, it is probably apparent that there is a common theme among these cards. More often than not, they are some sort of prize in one of Yu-Gi-Oh's special tournament series. This one is no exception being given to only the winners of the Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship series of 2019. One already on sale for a cool 100 grand.

3 Blue Eye Ultimate Dragon - $406,000

Like the Dark Magician cards mentioned earlier, the Blue-Eyes White Dragon has a special place in Yu-Gi-Oh!'s lore. This card is one of the ultimate forms of Seto Kaiba's favorite cards. So it's no wonder that only a rich man like him can afford this version.

A one of a kind card, this one is a prize card from the Asian Championship series but what really puts it into the six-digit range is the fact that it comes with a signboard signed by Kazuki Takahashi. You may know him from such things as being the ORIGINAL CREATOR of Yu-Gi-Oh! A fact that might just justify the 406,000 dollars asking price that Card Shop Spiral has going for the card.

2 Black Luster Soldier - $12,000,000

That is not a typo! The Black Luster Soldier is a card so rare that it goes for millions of dollars online. It is the only one of its kind and was only given to the winner of the Asian Championship series all the way back in 1999.

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It is printed on stainless steel but it might as well be printed on gold! It is originally rumored to have sold for about 2,000,000 dollars the first time but now the owner is being asked for upwards of 12,000,000 dollars to let go of it. That is one hell of an investment!

1 Tyler The Great Warrior - Basically Priceless

Even among all the tournaments and limited cards that populate this list, Tyler The Great Warrior is a very special card that came about all thanks to a brave boy. Diagnosed with embryonal sarcoma, a rare form of liver cancer, at the young age of 14, he lost a fourth of his liver to the disease and things were still not looking good. Learning about the boy's plight, the Make a Wish Foundation got involved.

Taking them to on a grand tour of the 4Kids Entertainment Yu-Gi-Oh! facility, he eventually was asked to make a card of his very own. Roughly based on Trunks from Dragon Ball Z, there are only a few in existence. Though, what makes this truly special is the fact that Tyler is currently in possession of one of them. Alive and well, he beat cancer like the "Great Warrior" he is! And there isn't a price on something like that!~

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