The 30 Rarest Superhero Funko Pop Figures (And How Much They’re Worth)

Blue Chrome Batman Funko Pop

Since they were first released in 2011, Funko Pops have quickly taken over the market of collectible pop culture icons and events. These adorable representations of our favorite characters have sold like mad, which has led to a large market for collectors. Every week these small, boxed bobblehead characters are released, people line up at their favorite comic book or game shop and buy them up, hoping to complete their collections. Seeing as they are highly sought-after by collectors, it stands to reason that some are valued higher than others. When it comes to finding the rarest of the rare Funko Pops, you don't have to look much further than their representations of superheroes.

Funko has released numerous variations of some of the most popular in their lines, but occasionally, the company puts out a Pop with such a limited number, their value increases exponentially. The first time these toys were shown to anyone, it was at the San Diego's Comic-Con International in 2010 and since that time, the company has released limited numbers at subsequent events. Those limited released superhero Pops are some of the most highly sought after and rare pieces in the Funko line, but not all Pops are equal in their standing. Some are worth much more than others. This list compiles the rarest and most valuable Funko Pops out there. Some might be stretching the limits of the word "superhero" a little bit, but for the most part, these are the rarest superhero Funko Pops on the market so if you have any, you might want to think about keeping them safe or selling them for a huge profit!

*All values are based off PopPriceGuide.com as of November 2018

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Tony Stark Iron Man III Funko Pop
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Tony Stark Iron Man III Funko Pop

Anytime Funko releases a special one of their signature Pops at SDCC, it's bound to wind up on a list like this one. The company's Tony Stark from Iron Man 3 was released at SDCC 2013 and regularly sells for around $260 in online marketplaces and auctions.

This Pop is relatively unique in that it highlights Tony as he was during most of the movie. He rarely wore his helmet as he showed his more vulnerable side. Tony is wearing his Mark 42 Iron Man suit, which Funko captured perfectly.


Phoenix Funko Pop

As Funko began releasing more and more of their Pops, their availability began to wane somewhat and some characters became harder to find than others. That was especially true for any Pop released at a Comic Book Convention. Case in point: Phoenix was dropped as an exclusive at Seattle's Emerald City Comic Con in 2013.

People who love the character found themselves wanting when supplies ran dry, which is why you can find these online for a hefty price. People regularly drop around $270 on a Phoenix so anyone who happened to go to that Con may want to see if they still have it.


Boba Fett Funko Pop

Hey may be one of the most ruthless bounty hunters in the galaxy who favors disintegration over capture, but Boba Fett has long been a favorite of Star Wars aficionados. This particular release found its way into collector's hands at both the San Diego Comic-Con and the Star Wars Celebration in Europe.

Boba Fett was modeled after the animated series Droids for this release, which is why his costume features a relatively cartoonish appearance. Funko only made 480 of these little guys so their rarity is fairly obvious and the reason they run $290 online.


Black Eyed Metallic Thing Funko Pop

Anyone with a passing knowledge of the Thing knows he is commonly referred to as "The Ever-Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing" so a version of the character with black eyes is bound to hit the market and make waves. In fact, this version of the Thing was produced entirely by accident and was meant for release at the 2011 SDCC as an exclusive.

Because Funko made these with their standard black eyes, Marvel had to step in and ask for a change. By the end of the production run, only 12 were known to have been created, which makes this Pop a particular rarity. Expect to shell out $320 to get your hands on one.


Red Skull Funko Pop

While the Red Skull is hardly a superhero, he has been seen in plenty a superhero rag, so we decided to throw him onto the list. This version of the classic character was released to coincide with the release of Captain America: The First Avenger in 2011.

As a part of the Marvel Universe series released by Funko, the character didn't feature much similarity to Hugo Weaving who played the character but certainly looks like the guy from the comics. If you have one of these, you can expect to sell it for around $400 online, but it's cool to knock off a few bucks if the buyer says, "Hail Hydra" to you.


Freddy Funko Kylo Ren Funko Pop

Freddy Funko is the much beloved and well-known mascot for the Funko Pop line, which is why he is often portrayed as any of a number of different characters. Getting one of these is often difficult as they are strictly limited for release at exclusive events so expect to find more than a few on this list.

Freddy Funko's foray into the Star Wars universe came in the form of Kylo Ren for Funko Fun Days in 2016. The company only produced 400 of these adorable little Sith wannabes, which is why you can expect to drop $400 to get your hands on one.


White Walker Funko Pop

White Walkers are pretty far from superheroes, but seeing as we don't know their entire backstory at the point this article is written, they jumped onto the list. This particular version of the character from the Game of Thrones books and television series was treated to glow in the dark, which makes it look particularly wicked in the dark.

Back in 2013, Funko released these as an exclusive for HMV but kept the release fairly limited. They are relatively rare and collectible, which is why you have to drop around $440 to add it to your collection.


Blue Chrome Batman Funko Pop

It should come as no surprise that Pops of Batman are made and released quite regularly. Batman is one of the most popular comic book characters out there, but when it comes to any of his variant editions, the rarity and cost tend to skyrocket.

In 2017, Funko released a blue, chrome edition at two locations: San Diego Comic-Con and Toy Tokyo. If you were lucky enough to find one there, it would cost about $20 bucks, but these days, the blue Dark Knight runs for an average of about $470.


Freddy Funko Clear Funko Pop

Freddy Funko Pops are generally made to look like superheroes or villains, but there are multiple versions of the character just as himself. Most of the time, they are released as exclusive Pops for special events. The Clear Freddy Funko was released as an exclusive for the 2014 SDCC.

There were only 96 of these made, which is why they are so rare and that scarcity has made them particularly valuable. If you're looking to add a Clear Freddy Funko to your collection of Pops, you can expect to drop a cool $500 in an online auction.


Bloody Rorschach Funko Pop

Rorschach is one of the main characters from Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons' critically acclaimed Watchmen maxiseries and film adaptation. In 2013, Funko released this "bloody" version of the character exclusively for visitors of the San Diego Comic-Con and limited it to only 480 pieces given to attendees.

Bloody Rorschach Pops are incredibly hard to find, but if you do manage to stumble upon one somewhere, expect to pay a ton of money for it. These regularly go for around $500 online but have jumped up to $580 when the bidding gets particularly competitive.


Silver Harley Quinn Funko Pop

Harley Quinn has long been a fan favorite of anyone who watched Batman The Animated Series back in the '90s. Since her first appearance at that time, she has gone on to become one of the most significant players in Batman's life as well as the DC Universe as a whole.

Funko released this extremely limited edition silver version of the character back in 2016 and only produced 144 units. They were given to employees of Hot Topic and are incredibly difficult to find. If you do manage to get your hands on one, expect to pay $590 to make it your own.


Green Arrow Funko Pop

Like any variant release of a popular character, the Metallic Green Arrow was limited to a very small release of only 240 pieces. There were some design changes made to this version of Oliver Queen that make it particularly collectible for folks looking to close out their collection of DC Universe Pops.

This version of the character looks more like the classic version of Oliver Queen, but instead of the traditional green "Robin Hood" cap, he is sporting a green hood more akin to his television counterpart. These figures are pretty rare and sought-after, which is why they run around $600 online.


Flashpoint Batman Funko Pop

There are more than a few Batman variants on this list, but one of the most interesting has to be the Flashpoint Batman created exclusively for the New York Comic-Con in 2011 for Action Figure Xpress. These little, red-eyed buggers were limited to a small number of figures, which is why they tend to go for a lot of money these days.

If you aren't familiar with Flashpoint, it was an event wherein an alternate timeline was created due to some Reverse-Flash and (regular) Flash time-travel hijinks. Every character in the DC Universe got a makeover, including Dark Knight. Getting your hands on one of these will cost around $610.


Silver Superman Funko Pop

Like Batman, there are plenty of alternate versions of DC's other iconic superhero, Superman. This silver version of Superman was released as an exclusive for Hot Topic and was limited to only 144 pieces. It was released alongside the aforementioned Silver Harley Quinn and only a scant few employees of the shop got their hands on one.

As Funko only made 144 of these, they are considerably rare and hard to find. If you want to get one to add to your collection, it's going to cost you some time to track one down and at least $620 in an online auction.


Metallic Batgirl Funko Pop

Batgirl is one of the most popular characters in the Bat Family, especially since the '60s Batman TV series introduced her to a wide audience. Funko created a limited edition metallic version of the character that collectors have been on the hunt forever since it hit the shelves.

If you are lucky enough to find one (They are incredibly rare and people don't often sell them online), you can expect to shell out at least $810 for one. That price fluctuates and can reach as high as $1000 in some parts of the world.


Metallic Shazam Funko Pop

You might think that this version of Shazam! was worth as much as it is because the movie is set to release soon, but the truth is, the value of this Pop has more to do with its scarcity than anything else. Granted, it will likely skyrocket in value when the movie hits theaters, but when it was released in 2011, it was limited to 240 pieces.

That scarcity and the beauty of the metallic finish has made this Shazam! a particularly difficult find. If you want one, expect to pay around $810, but you should hurry. When the movie releases, the value is likely to increase exponentially.


Genie Funko Pop

The Genie from Aladdin may not fit the traditional definition of what a superhero is, but seeing as he helped the good guy win the day and is full of magic, not to mention Robin Williams' fantastic performance, he fits the bill for this list. Funko released this magnificent genie Pop back in 2013 to a relatively limited release.

Most Disney toys fetch a high price, but when they are limited to only 480 pieces, their value shoots through the roof. This was released exclusively for the 2013 SDCC and can fetch as much as $850 in an online auction. Expect a value increase when the live-action film hits theaters in 2019.


Batman Yellow Symbol Funko Pop

Batman has featured a lot of costume changes over the years. If you look back at all the live-action television show, animated series, films and comics, there have probably been over 100 variations made to his costume. Sometimes, those changes are shown in a Funko Pop, but this particular one is a bit different.

This version was the first to be released in the limited Chase line back in 2010, but it's the yellow background on the famous Batman logo that sets it apart. If you want one of these rarities, it's going to cost you at least $1110.


Blue Metallic Batman Funko Pop

Continuing what may seem like a list all about Batman Funko Pops, we have yet another rare example of the Dark Knight. This version of the popular character premiered all the way back in 2010 at the San Diego Comic-Con and helped to introduce the world to the company's new line of bobblehead toys.

As this was the first one produced and only 480 were made, it has become highly collectible and, of course, incredibly valuable. These are terribly difficult to find as most collectors are wary to part with them. If you do find one, expect to spend at least $1110 to make it your own.


Freddy Funko White Lantern Superman Funko Pop

Another popular Freddy Funko is the White Lantern/Superman released at the San Diego Comic-Con in 2017. While many Pops are limited to a small release, this one was one of the fewest produced of their entire product line. Only 24 were made, which is an incredibly small amount of anything this collectible.

Finding one of these is not only difficult, it's insanely expensive. They are valued at anywhere from $1330 to as much as $2030 in online auctions. Since they are so rare and hard to find, it can be tough finding one, but if you have the means, we highly suggest you pick one up.


Shadow Trooper Funko Pop

This one is another example of a stretch to the term superhero, but perhaps a Shadow Trooper is something of a superhero to the lowly Storm Troopers who look up to them? At any rate, this exclusive Pop released for the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con was limited to only 480 pieces, which makes it rather hard to find.

There are plenty of Star Wars Pops on the market, but this is one of the rarest and most sought-after. Finding one isn't easy, but neither is buying one seeing as they typically go for around $1400 online. They have shot up to as much as $2000 at times so if you have one, count yourself lucky.


Gold Loki Funko Pop

You may be the fortunate owner of a Loki that looks very similar to this one, but if you happen to have the exclusive released for the 2012 San Diego Comic-Con, you are sitting on a pointy-headed gold mine. Like any exclusive released for the SDCC, these were strictly limited and have become incredibly rare on the collector's market.

Finding one isn't easy, but if you do happen to stumble upon a Loki, they generally run about $1560. Check your collection and make sure you don't have the one that looks similar as it isn't worth more than $20, but if you happen to have one of these, congratulations are in order.


Flocked Flotso Funko Pop

Lotso may have been something of a villain in Toy Story 3, but that doesn't mean he isn't a highly collectible Funko Pop! This version of the adorable, yet sinister character is unlike most Pops you might find in that it is flocked with a special, velvety material instead of the typical vinyl all other Pops are made of.

This gives it the impression that it's a stuffed toy, just like it is in the movie. It was released for the D23 Expo in 2011 and was limited to only 480 units, which makes it pretty hard to find. They typically run up to as much as $1590 online.


Silver Batman Funko Pop

In what will be our final example of a Batman Pop (We promise), Funko released a beautiful silver version in 2015. Like many of the other silver Pops, this was also given to 108 fortunate employees of Hot Topic, which means it's not only rare, it's limited to a small population of specific folks.

The Silver Batman Pop is incredibly difficult to find online. If you are lucky enough to locate one, expect to shell out a tidy sum to make it your own. When they do go up for sale, they usually go for as much as $1630, which makes this one of the most expensive Batman collectibles out there.


Blue Suit Mr Incredible Funko Pop

You probably think of Mr. Incredible in his red superhero suit, but if you recall from the first film, he started fighting crime in baby-boy blue. Because he is far more recognizable in his red costume, this version featuring his original suit is far rarer and fetches a higher price online.

Funko released the blue-suited Mr. Incredible back in 2011 at San Diego Comic-Con with only 480 units produced. Because there was such a limited amount and the variation is so highly sought-after, these regularly sold for $500 online, but when the sequel dropped, their value skyrocketed to around $1,700!


Headless Ned Stark Funko Pop

For anyone who never read the books, it was something of a surprise when Ned Stark found himself beheaded at the end of the first season of Game of Thrones. To commemorate this momentous occasion, Funko thought it would be nice to release a special Headless Ned Stark for everyone's enjoyment.

This Pop was released as a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive limited to 108 units making it rather difficult to find. If you do happen upon a Ned Stark with a removable head, you will need to transfer at least $1720 from your bank account to purchase it.


Vegeta Funko Pop

Not all superheroes come from Marvel and DC; many come from across the pond in the form of Anime and Manga. The Planet Arlia Vegeta honors the character from Dragon Ball Z and was released exclusively for Toy Tokyo at Comic-Con. Their number was limited and it has become incredibly tough to find for sale online.

Because of the rarity of the Pop and the collectible nature of all things Dragon Ball, finding one of these will certainly set you back. When they do show up for sale online, they can often be found going for as much as $1870, which is a lot of cash, but probably worth it for a serious collector.


Glow in the Dark Green Lantern Funko Pop

Like Superman and Batman, there are tons of Green Lantern Pops on the market, but not all GL Pops are equal when it comes to collectors. This particular Green Lantern was limited to only 240 pieces and was an early release for the 2010 San Diego Comic-Con as a limited exclusive.

One of the elements that make this particularly collectible is the fact that it glows in the dark. That may be a gimmick, but it works rather well for the Green Lantern and this Pop has become significantly valuable as a result. Finding one may be hard, but its cost may be the reason why: it runs as much as $2190!


Gold Dumbo Clown Face Batman Funko Pop

Let's face it, Dumbo was the superhero of his own story, and he could fly after all, which makes him a superhero in our book. There are quite a few versions of the adorable elephant with the big ears in Funko's product line, but this one, in particular, tends to favor collector's eyes the most.

This Dumbo was gold with the clown face but featured pink ears, a yellow hat, and a red scarf. Unlike most golden Pops, this one was different and considerably limited. Only 48 were made in total, which is why it's going to cost you $2780 to get your hands on one.


Stan Lee Funko Pop

Sadly, the world lost a legend when Stan "The Man" Lee passed away in November 2018. Throughout the course of his career, Stan Lee probably signed hundreds of thousands, if not millions of items, but some signatures add value and others do not. This is an example of the former.

Without the signature, these Stan Lee Pops run between $210 and $230, but with them, they have been found online at auctions for as much as $10,000! Lee's signature definitely makes these "Signature Series" Pops worth all the more, but just having his ink on something seems even more special now that he's gone.

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