Rare Footage Shows How Star Wars' Classic Toys Were Made

For fans of the original trilogy of Star Wars films, there's been a recent resurgence in seldom seen footage from the franchise's early '80s era. Newly released footage from "Empire Strikes Back's" filming showed Chewbacca speaking in actor Peter Mayhew's voice as opposed to his iconic Wookiee roar, and now some footage of the making of the Star Wars toy line has popped up on Facebook.

The Filmumentaries Facebook page shared the footage, which goes behind the scenes at the Kenner and Palitoy factories in the early '80s as workers assemble Millennium Falcon playsets and giant AT-AT walkers. You even get a look at how they attached the plastic bubbles to their cardboard backs to form each figure's now collectible blister packs.

If watching that 50-second clip on a loop has you nostalgic for the golden era of "Star Wars" figures, then follow it up with this 14-minute long compilation of "Return of the Jedi" toy commercials from 1983.

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